Sunday, 20 August 2017

Uniqlo Haul - One Piece and Pikachu

Uniqlo is one of those brands that we wish was present in our city - but there's still online shopping, so I didn't have to miss out on some of the awesome UT Collection designs!

To celebrate 20 years of One Piece, the world-famous manga was returning to the UT Collection, so I had to grab my favourite designs!

First up is this monochrome Thousand Sunny crest design featuring the Mugiwara Pirates!

I also picked up this kawaii Tony Tony Chopper design, featuring everyone's favourite reindeer/ship's doctor!

Finally from the One Piece collaboration I chose the Sanji design:

On the back of this T is a menu listing Black Leg Style fighting moves!

I also spotted they still had some of the Nintendo collaboration shirts available that I'd not had chance to get before - well, when I saw the pixel Pikachu design it was a must purchase!

and for an extra cute touch, it's got this back print:

Love it!

Uniqlo is great for picking up everyday clothes at good prices, so it's worth checking their site out from time to time... it'd be even better if they'd open one up near us again...

Mata ne!

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