Thursday, 3 August 2017

LINE Friends and Hello Kitty

There's a new collaboration range between the popular mascots of the best chat app, LINE and the kawaii icon Hello Kitty! 

Well, I say a collaboration range, but it's actually two - nicely friends:

and Kitty Town:

There's a wide range of goods featuring Kitty and Brown, including these costume plushes:

There's also various stationery items including sticky notes, a pen and this cute notebook:

There are cute phone cases available too:

There's a handy fold-up shopper tote in the Kitty Town range:

And each range has a cute T too:

There's also face cloths, plush charms and more coming soon (including pouches and different bags!).

They are both cute ranges - I think nicely friends is my favourite, what about you?

These items are available in Japan at the moment, and I don't think they'll get a release anywhere else, but some items are sure to become available through online sellers so keep your eyes open!

Mata ne!

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