Sunday, 16 July 2017

Goodbye Swimmer and Chocoholic - LITKL will miss you.

One of the hugely iconic brands of Harajuku, SWIMMER, announced last month that they will be closing all of their stores in January 2018, and their website will be closing in December 2017. We at LITKL are extremely sad to hear this as we loved shopping at their stores in LaForet and Harajuku ALTA.

Seeing how sad I was at the news Mr went on a sneaky hunt and tracked me down a box full of SWIMMER and Chocoholic goodies before they all disappeared forever! He managed to find a seller from Japan selling a mixed box of items and they arrived this week.

The first items out of the box was stationery! If you read regularly you will know how much I love stationery! Here is a super cute pencil bag, eraser, pen and journal:

The pen is super old school and has the different colours that you take out of the top and insert through the bottom to reach the colour you want! <3  The next item out of the box was this Kawaii lunch box:

This is from the sister brand to SWIMMER, Chocoholic, which was the store located in Harajuku Alta, and will come in handy for my lunch! The next item was this larger journal with a zippered cover:

You can see the back page has the zipper which will help keep all my notes together! Even the back is super cute:

One of the best things about SWIMMER is the range of items they offer, including this cute DS case:

It's covered in teddy bears, just like the one on the bag charm next to it. They also do items likes this Kawaii necklace and nail seals:

This necklace is so cute, it even has an SW on the roof of the cute house! The next item is one of my favourites! It's a teeny clock:

 It's Alice in Wonderland themed and you can see the white rabbit on the clock face. It's so small it fits into the palm of my hand.  The last item is this adorable photo album:

Inside you can display printed photos and the album itself comes with a disc on which you can save the photos you have printed off. 

So that's my last ever SWIMMER haul. 

I'm so sad to see a brand like this disappear, especially after 30 years. It's such a diverse store and caters for so many fashions and tastes, and items are always reasonably priced. You can see just from what I got in this post the range of tastes that are covered, there was always something for everyone. I'm just happy we got to enjoy shopping there and their staff were always so nice and friendly. I'm glad we supported it while we could. If you are a SWIMMER fan, grab your items while you still can and not because you might be able to get them cheap but to show them that even with them closing down, they'll always have fans!

Catch you later Kawaiisters
PinkuiroPixie X

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