Thursday, 29 June 2017

Aura by Mugler

Being a huge Mugler fragrance fan I have been looking forward to their new perfume - Aura, and today, despite it not being officially launched till tomorrow, I managed to get my hands on it!

I popped into Debenhams to see if they had it available but they were still in the process of working out how they were going to display it, so we went to Selfridges and although they didn't have it on display yet, they were more than happy for me to be their first Aura customer! They even gave me a mini handbag sized version as a bonus! So thank you to the lovely Mugler lady in Selfridges!

I love collecting perfumes and Mugler always have the most beautiful bottles, and Aura does not disappoint:

The new bottle for Aura was designed by Thierry Mugler himself and features an emerald green heart topped with a metal 'M', the design is also mirrored for the small bottle which is just adorable!

The perfume contains scents of Rhubarb leaf, Tiger Liana, Bourbon Vanilla, Orange Blossom and Wolfwood, and smells divine. Having had a spritz of it on since this morning, it has stayed put all day, which is what I would expect for a Mugler fragrance. The smell has evolved since I applied it this morning. When first applied you get that intense hit which you associate with a Mugler fragrance, then, as it settles down you can start to pick out the different parts, I absolutely love the soft fruit notes with the vanilla coming through at the end.

Again, Mugler has created a beautiful new perfume that stands out from the rest of their range and holds it own. Aura comes in a range of sizes, and as I'm a collector I bought the 90ml bottle as it was the refillable version. If you want to get your hands on this beautiful perfume, it hits the shops tomorrow!

Catch you later Kawaiisters
Pinkuiropixie X

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