Monday, 3 April 2017

Ninja Bowling - Game Review

I picked up Ninja Bowling a while ago, but hadn't fitted in a full game until recently.  It's a dexterity microgame from Hacko Games that comes in a silver wallet:

It's designed for two players - the red ninja and the black ninja!  You each have six pin cards, three shuriken cards and three spare/strike cards. The object of the game is to take out pins and be the first player to earn three strikes!

You set the pin cards up just like in normal bowling, you put your pins in front of you for the other ninja to bowl towards:

You then take turns throwing (yes, throwing!) your three shuriken towards your opponent's pins - the more pins your shuriken are touching at the end of the round the better; if you are the player that turn that hit the most pins you get to take a spare card, if you managed to be touching all six pins with your three shuriken then you get a strike!

Here's a sample hand we played - I (throwing towards the black pins) am not very good at this game... Pinkuiro Pixie however (towards my red pins) is a bit of a master ninja!!

Pinkuiro Pixie got a strike!

We then carried on - Pinkuiro Pixie got another strike! Here we used the other side of the shuriken cards (it makes no difference to game play, the pins are the same) to show them off:

Yes, I got the Ninja Bowling equivalent of a double gutterball! ><;  Two strikes for Pinkuiro Pixie!

We played again, was I going to be able to get back into the game? (*spoiler alert* no chance!):

I did a little better this time (actually hitting the pins!!) but when we counted up, Pinkuiro Pixie had hit the most, earning her a spare... I had to win the next round somehow...

A valiant attempt from me, but Pinkuiro Pixie picked up another strike to win the whole game!

We really enjoyed Ninja Bowling, we actually played about three games in a row we were having such a good time!  I even managed to get a strike in one of them!!

You can pick up Ninja Bowling (there's a few different editions including round cards and square cards - there's even a mini version for up to 6 players!) from Nicegameshop (and they really are nice guys!)

Mata ne!

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