Saturday, 15 April 2017

Chikuwa Soudatsu Sen - Game Review

At LITKL HQ we try to fit in game nights twice a week, and recently we have had a few runs through of a Japanese microgame I picked up from Yellow Submarine in Akihabara - Chikuwa Soudatsu Sen, published by Hitojarashi.

In this game players are cats, trying to get the best share of Chikuwa for dinner!  But be careful, if you are too greedy you get a stomach ache and lose...

There are only four types of card, numbered 0 to 3.

Each player is dealt three cards from the deck and three more are placed face down in the centre of the table.  The first player is the person who most recently ate Chikuwa... we changed this so that it was the person who most recently ate fish! ^^  On your turn you may swap one or two cards from your hand with cards from the centre of the table - but you can't see what they will be until you've already swapped! Play continues until all players have had a turn.  You then shuffle the table centre cards back into the deck, deal three face down in the centre again and take another turn around the players in the opposite direction.

After everyone has had a go the second time, it's time to reveal hands...

It was a close game - I won with 3, 3, 2 - but Pinkuiro Pixie had 3, 3, 1; so close! If you have three 3 cards when players reveal hands you have a stomach ache so will lose (even 0, 0, 1 beats it!). While 3, 3, 2 is a strong hand, it can be beaten by three 0 cards - if a player has that hand then the owner is angry at the other cats taking all the food meaning that player wins!  The game includes a chart telling you the winning order of hands, so it's easy to work out.

There are also alternate rules, including a variant for 2 or three players at the Hitojarashi website.

It plays really quickly, so we're going to get some suitably themed tokens (maybe fish or cat beads or decoden embellishments?) and play the first to four winning hands ^^

Chikuwa Soudatsu Sen is a great filler game - it's really simple to play and doesn't take long to play a few hands.  It's designed for 2-4 players and for ages 5+, so you can get little Kawaiisters involved too!

If you see a copy available I recommend picking it up - the artwork is super cute and the game is good for people not used to games like this too.

Mata ne!

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