Saturday, 22 April 2017

Johnny Cupcakes NES

Regular readers will probably know I'm a big Johnny Cupcakes fan - so I was really happy to pick up this NES inspired design T:

It's got a Nintendo-style Johnny Cupcakes logo and a cupcake bakery box styled like a NES controller - I love how the D-pad is the classic cupcake and crossbones!

On the back there's a design inspired by the famous Nintendo Seal of Quality:

I love this shirt - the NES homage is just too awesome!

Mata ne!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter, LINE style!

We love the different themes that you can get to personalise your LINE app - and to celebrate Easter in the most Kawaii way possible, they've released a special Bunny Tsum Tsum theme!

The design features popular characters from the Sensational Six, Winnie the Pooh and Chip n' Dale - all dressed as pastel shade bunnies! The background for this theme has lots of colourful pastel Easter eggs - and some of them have a Tsum peeking round!

It's a really cute pastel theme - perfect for Easter!

Mata ne!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Chikuwa Soudatsu Sen - Game Review

At LITKL HQ we try to fit in game nights twice a week, and recently we have had a few runs through of a Japanese microgame I picked up from Yellow Submarine in Akihabara - Chikuwa Soudatsu Sen, published by Hitojarashi.

In this game players are cats, trying to get the best share of Chikuwa for dinner!  But be careful, if you are too greedy you get a stomach ache and lose...

There are only four types of card, numbered 0 to 3.

Each player is dealt three cards from the deck and three more are placed face down in the centre of the table.  The first player is the person who most recently ate Chikuwa... we changed this so that it was the person who most recently ate fish! ^^  On your turn you may swap one or two cards from your hand with cards from the centre of the table - but you can't see what they will be until you've already swapped! Play continues until all players have had a turn.  You then shuffle the table centre cards back into the deck, deal three face down in the centre again and take another turn around the players in the opposite direction.

After everyone has had a go the second time, it's time to reveal hands...

It was a close game - I won with 3, 3, 2 - but Pinkuiro Pixie had 3, 3, 1; so close! If you have three 3 cards when players reveal hands you have a stomach ache so will lose (even 0, 0, 1 beats it!). While 3, 3, 2 is a strong hand, it can be beaten by three 0 cards - if a player has that hand then the owner is angry at the other cats taking all the food meaning that player wins!  The game includes a chart telling you the winning order of hands, so it's easy to work out.

There are also alternate rules, including a variant for 2 or three players at the Hitojarashi website.

It plays really quickly, so we're going to get some suitably themed tokens (maybe fish or cat beads or decoden embellishments?) and play the first to four winning hands ^^

Chikuwa Soudatsu Sen is a great filler game - it's really simple to play and doesn't take long to play a few hands.  It's designed for 2-4 players and for ages 5+, so you can get little Kawaiisters involved too!

If you see a copy available I recommend picking it up - the artwork is super cute and the game is good for people not used to games like this too.

Mata ne!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Marvel x New Era new drops

Whenever we are in Birmingham we swing by the New Era Flagship to see what new drops there are - this time they had a new range of Marvel caps inspired by the comics.  Pinkuiro Pixie treated me to a couple (I'm a lucky Mr!) ^^

My favourite part of the second season of Daredevil was, without doubt the Punisher. So I had to grab this classic style cap with the (in)famous skull icon:

On the back of the cap there's a small Punisher logo as an extra little touch:

I also chose this Mighty Thor cap - this time it features the classic style logo on the front:

And on the back an embroided Mjolnir!

Both caps feature plain grey underbills, making them really versatile additions to my New Era collection - they'll go well with all sorts of outfits.

Mata ne!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

R2-D2 has arrived!

We're always looking for ways to make our home more kawaii and when we saw that Sky did special character remotes we knew straight away which one we wanted! And he's arrived!

R2-D2 is now a member of our household! ^^ I know this is just a remote control but it's touches like this that make your home feel more your own and make you smile! This remote was originally £25 but when we were walking through a mall we spotted a Sky stall offering them at half price! £12.50 to kawaiify our home, yes thank you!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
PinkuiroPixie X

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Kawaii Highstreet Haul

Yesterday we had a shopping trip in Birmingham City Centre and as we were in so early we popped into Primark. We don't normally go in as it gets far too busy for me so we took advantage of it being so quiet so early! I know they do some cute printed tops if you can get your hands on them and yesterday I scored some super cute gamer tops! But first I will start with some cute basic tops Mr picked out for me.

First up are these two printed basic T's at just £2.50 each:

Above is a cute grey cap sleeve top with roughly drawn red hearts all over it and below is a white cap sleeve top with heart gems all over it:

These tops are adorable and are perfect for just hanging around the house but keeping it kawaii!
Next up is this super cute all over Beauty and the Beast print top:

The print is black and white and features the cartoon version of Beast, Chip, Cogsworth and Lumiere! Isn't it adorable! This was a steal at just £8! Next up are two super cute gamer tops that I just had to pick up!

This is a black cap sleeve top with a sequined motif on the front. As you can see the motif is of a Super Mushroom, but, when you rub the sequins up it reveals:

Look whats hiding under the Super Mushroom!

It's a 1-Up Mushroom! As you may have spotted from the sticker this is a two way sequin top!I have never seen this before, maybe you guys have but I just had to get this when we spotted it! And this wasn't the only one they had!

This is a grey cap sleeve two way sequin top featuring Princess Peach:

And underneath......

It's me! Mario!

These are super cute tops and were only £8 each! There weren't many left in the Birmingham City Centre store so if you want to get your hands on one get them before they're gone!

Next I picked up these two wash bags, well they're sold as wash bags but you could use these as normal bags! This is the first of my two Angelica from the Rugrats bags!

Above is the front side and below is the back side:

The back has this super cute all over print which I loved! It even comes with an iridescent tassle on the zipper! The second bag is more of a wash bag but again I think you could still use this as a normal bag:

This is another cute bag with Angelica on the front saying Sorry not sorry! The edging is an iridescent band, which I love and the back:

Another super cute all over print featuring Angelica! The bag breaks apart to show two compartments:

So you could use it as a washbag or a normal bag, separating out your must haves (bus pass, wallet, keys) and your makeup! These bags were bargains with the toiletry bag at £6 and the washbag at £5.

Next up, is socks! I love socks and have so many but couldn't resist a few more when I saw these:

How could you not buy these! I love the Little Mermaid and these just lept off the shelf into my basket when I saw them! Next up are these cute Bambi socks:

Not my normal colour scheme but they were too cute to not get! The last set I picked up were Beauty and the Beast:

I absolutely adored the live-action film and it reignited my love for the original so I had to buy these too! These sets were £3 each.

The last item i picked up was this cute iridescent A keyring (my name begins with an A):

I am forever rummaging around in my bag for my keys so when I spotted this I thought this might help save me time! And yes, it's iridescent so also feeds my obsession ^^

So that's everything I got! An awesome haul for the money and all available on the highstreet!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
PinkuiroPixie XX

Monday, 3 April 2017

Ninja Bowling - Game Review

I picked up Ninja Bowling a while ago, but hadn't fitted in a full game until recently.  It's a dexterity microgame from Hacko Games that comes in a silver wallet:

It's designed for two players - the red ninja and the black ninja!  You each have six pin cards, three shuriken cards and three spare/strike cards. The object of the game is to take out pins and be the first player to earn three strikes!

You set the pin cards up just like in normal bowling, you put your pins in front of you for the other ninja to bowl towards:

You then take turns throwing (yes, throwing!) your three shuriken towards your opponent's pins - the more pins your shuriken are touching at the end of the round the better; if you are the player that turn that hit the most pins you get to take a spare card, if you managed to be touching all six pins with your three shuriken then you get a strike!

Here's a sample hand we played - I (throwing towards the black pins) am not very good at this game... Pinkuiro Pixie however (towards my red pins) is a bit of a master ninja!!

Pinkuiro Pixie got a strike!

We then carried on - Pinkuiro Pixie got another strike! Here we used the other side of the shuriken cards (it makes no difference to game play, the pins are the same) to show them off:

Yes, I got the Ninja Bowling equivalent of a double gutterball! ><;  Two strikes for Pinkuiro Pixie!

We played again, was I going to be able to get back into the game? (*spoiler alert* no chance!):

I did a little better this time (actually hitting the pins!!) but when we counted up, Pinkuiro Pixie had hit the most, earning her a spare... I had to win the next round somehow...

A valiant attempt from me, but Pinkuiro Pixie picked up another strike to win the whole game!

We really enjoyed Ninja Bowling, we actually played about three games in a row we were having such a good time!  I even managed to get a strike in one of them!!

You can pick up Ninja Bowling (there's a few different editions including round cards and square cards - there's even a mini version for up to 6 players!) from Nicegameshop (and they really are nice guys!)

Mata ne!