Sunday, 26 March 2017

TKDK x New Era x Street Fighter

Regular visitors will know we love Tokidoki here at LITKL.  You might also know I'm a New Era fan.  You might not know that I've been a Street Fighter fan since the time when arcades were dominated by two sounds: "Daaytonaaa" and elephants trumpeting.

So when I saw the TKDK x New Era x Street Fighter collection available in the Birmingham Flagship store, I knew I had to get some new snapbacks!

The first one features one of my old school favourites - Zangief (and his apperance in Wreck It Ralph was awesome!), bending a Tokidoki brand girder.  It's also features Ken and one of the Royal Pride and some of the classic TKDK icons.

The second cap, and probably my favourite of the two, is this E.Honda sushi design! I love the cute faces on the Maki Rolls (reminds me of Sushi Go!).

Both caps feature the same underbill with TKDK characters facing off against some Street Fighter icons (I especially like that Sagat makes an appearance):

Both caps feature the logo for the collaboration on the back:

I'm really pleased to have been able to pick these two designs up from the Flagship store!

Mata ne!

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