Saturday, 4 March 2017

Disneyland Paris - Star Wars haul!

When we were in Disneyland Paris last year there was quite a lot of Star Wars merchandise available. Well, we love Star Wars, so it was inevitable we'd pick up a few pieces to display in our home!

First up were some Star Tours figures - these feature various Disney characters dressed up as all sorts of people from the Star Wars universe!  Stitch is one of my all-time favourite Kawaii characters, so I made sure to get the two different Stitch figures that were available.  First is Stitch as Master Yoda from Series 2 of the figures:

Then, from Series 5, Stitch as my favourite character from Revenge of the Sith - General Grievous!

He's even got four lightsabers like the General - he also comes with alternate arms so you can have four- or two-armed Stitch.

A cool facility in one of the shops in the Disney Village was the Droid Factory - here you could pick and mix parts to create your very own Astromech Droid.  There were various colours and you were even able to choose a Disney themepark accessory for your Droid (like a Goofy hat).  We decided to make a Droid to mark our 10th wedding anniversary - meet R5-G10 ^^

We chose parts that were white, red and black - these were the theme colours for our wedding ^^ Of course, for accessory we had to choose the classic Mickey ears:

It was really fun picking the parts to make our droid, check it out if you visit the Disney Village!  For aspiring Jedi (or Sith if you are cool), they also had make-your-own lightsabers available!

I spotted a cool all-over print design Star Wars shirt in the same shop:

The print features Star Destroyers, Y-Wings, TIE fighters and (of course) the Millennium Falcon! Check out the close up:

I'm looking forward to wearing this while I'm commanding my Imperial fleet in Star Wars Armada!

Mata ne!

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