Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Birmingham Chinese Quarter Snack Attack

It's always worth checking out Chinese Supermarkets/Grocery Stores; they are one of the best value places to get East Asian snacks here in the UK!

Our nearest shop is the Day In Supermarket in Birmingham's Chinese Quarter. We always pop in when we are in that part of the city - here's what we picked up last time!

First up was an old favourite - Koala no March! This giant box contains 10 small packets - perfect for snacking on the go! It's the B+W type - cocoa biscuit with a white milky filling.

Next were some special flavour Oreos - Green Tea Ice Cream and Orange & Mango! We'd had the Orange & Mango ones before, but the Green Tea Ice Cream ones were new to us - it's a pretty mellow green tea, not too overpowering, so it's good even if you don't normally like that flavour.

I love BlackBlack chewing gum - nothing tastes quite like it; and it's impossible to describe!

We picked up a couple of packs of Puccho - cola and ramune flavours.  These chews include extra chewy bits and extra 'fizzy' bits inside!

Then there were soft-centred ramune chewing gum from Coris. There are three chewing gums in the pack - but one of them is hiding a super sour version!

We'd had these Choco Heim wafers from Korea before at Café Twist - we got both White Hazelnut and Choco Hazelnut varieties.  Each box contains 6 wafers.

In the UK we have Choc Dip, Japan has Yan Yan by Meiji! You get a tub with biscuit sticks that you dip into a flavoured cream (similar consistency to Nutella).  This version comes with two different flavour 'dips' - chocolate and banana!

Another biscuit based snack we picked up was this White Cookie flavour Pepero by Lotte. Similar to Pocky, this version has a white milky coating with crumbs of oreo style cookie. These are really nice!

We also got a bag of Iro Enpitsu Candy by Kanro.  These boiled sweets come individually wrapped and each is made to look like a little colouring pencil! The sweets are clear with a strand of colour to match the flavour running through them like the lead of a pencil!  The flavours are soda (ramune), grape, strawberry, peach, orange, muscat (green grape), melon soda and cola.

Finally we got these Taiwanese Mango Mochi by Yuki&Love. There's 12 little mochi, individually wrapped in this box - and they have a lovely mango smell and taste!  I'm looking forward to trying some other flavours by Yuki&Love!

If you live near a Chinese supermarket, it's the easiest way to try all sorts of snacks that you won't find anywhere else (and a lot cheaper than from online sellers too!).

Mata ne!

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