Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Yo-kai Watch Snack Selection!

I love Yo-kai Watch and, as long-time readers of the blog will know, I love Japanese snacks.  I was over the moon when PinkuiroPixie got me a mega-variety pack of Yo-kai Watch themed snacks as part of my Christmas stocking!!

First up was this pack of Mini Donuts by Yamazaki - there were four individually wrapped donuts in this pack, and a little Yo-kai Watch sticker!

Next were these two packs of Odango Snacks - Mitarashi Dango flavour - and each came with a sticker (it seems free stickers and cards are quite a popular give-away ^^)

Then there was a Puku Puku Tai style snack in the shape of Jibanyan! It's a light wafer (think an old style ice cream cone) filled with a very light bubbled chocolate. The Jibanyan design is really Kawaii - it even has the notch in his ear!

Then there was a pack of little Yo-kai Watch crackers by Tohato - these little biscuits are that strange 'salad' flavour and each one features a cute picture printed on them.

The next item wasn't a snack, but a pack of stickers (presumably because the last couple of items didn't have any freebies...).  I got Mikannyan (or Oranyan if you prefer) in my pack.

My next snack was this pack of Yo-kai Fushigi Candy - grape flavour sweets!  The pack came with a Data Carddass card (shame we don't have those kinds of machines here!) - I got Tōshirozame (or Shrook if you like).

Then there was Jibanyan no Chocobo - yes, Jibanyan's favourite chocolate bar!

Next was this Yo-kai Watch Busters vanilla wafer - this came with another Data Carddass card; this time I got Tomuyan (straight from the front of the pack!)

Then there was a grape-flavoured lolly - this was a spooky pumpkin shape!

Next was this pack of grape-flavoured chewing gum.  I love Japanese grape-flavoured snacks and drinks!

Finally there was this pack of Oh! Mikuji snacks - salt flavour.  Again, this snack came with a little sticker!

I loved them all - well, except the Salad flavour biscuits...those are an acquired taste I'm afraid!

Mata ne!

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