Thursday, 23 February 2017

Miracle Gift Parade Souviners

Back in June last year I blogged about a new super cute parade being shown at Puroland called the Miracle Gift Parade that was designed by one of my all time favourite designers Sebastian Masuda  of 6%DokiDoki! The Parade started after our last visit so we won't get to see it in person, so Mr managed to pick me up a DVD of the Parade! These are available from Puroland for all of their parades and we have quite a collection built up of the ones we have seen during our visits.

As well as DVDs, Puroland also release merchandise for their parades which you can pick up from Puroland or if you are a sneaky ninja like Mr, you can get them online! Knowing how much I loved the parade and with it being designed by Sebastian Masuda, Mr bought me this super cute pair for Christmas!

It's Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel all dressed up in their Miracle Gift Parade outfits! They are both from Puroland and are so detailed! They even have their head gear on! It's a shame we won't get to see the parade live but Mr has brought the experience to us at home! Thank you Mr X

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
PinkuiroPixie X

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