Sunday, 12 February 2017


If you follow me on Instagram you will have spotted my growing love for everything iridescent! It started with a bag from Paperchase and now I can't help but look for it in every shop I pop into! Seeing me drawn to these shiny items, Mr picked me up some super cute Christmas presents to add to my collection. First up is this adorable heart necklace:

It's a holographic, iridescent stars, heart shaped necklace on a thin silver chain from CandyShockUK who you can find on Etsy! This is such a nice piece, it looks so shimmery and delicate and goes with any outfit. The other iridescent gift Mr got me for Christmas was a bow! If you read regularly you will know I love bows and this is now one of my favourites:

This is part of the Aurora Bow collection by ElectricSheepStore on who you can also find on Etsy. It's inspired by the Aurora Borealis and is made from iridescent PVC. They have several available in pink, blue and green. Mr got me the purpl,e which I love! It's a gorgeous bow and really stands out from my dark hair.

So that's what I got for Christmas! I have also picked a few bits up while shopping in Birmingham City Centre the last few weeks. One of my favourite new pieces is a purse I picked up yesterday from Topshop:

I spotted it last week and stupidly didn't buy it so when we popped in again this week Mr made me pick it up because I had been banging on about it all week. It's iridescent front and back and is lined with black inside with plenty of space for everything I carry in my purse. It's by Skinny Dip which is a collection of young British designers based in London, which is awesome! It's always nice to help promote new and up coming designers, especially when they are creating items like this!

H&M also have some iridescent items in stock as I picked up this cute little pouch:

It's only a small pouch but I thought it would be good to store my small make up bits inside my bag so they don't get damaged. This was £2.99 so a bargain for such a cute little item. They had several designs in these little pouches with some in blue and green, and they had some Star Wars pouches!

These are the same size as the first pouch but Star Wars designed. The silver pouch has May The Force Be With You on the reverse side! I know the black pouch isn't iridescent but I love Vader so just had to grab it too! These were £3.99 so again a bargain!

So that's my collection so far, if I find any more iridescent gems I'll let you all know!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
PinkuiroPixie X

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