Sunday, 29 January 2017

My Minnie Mouse Disney Store Bargains!

Just after Christmas we popped into the Disney Store in Birmingham to see what they had in their sales, you can find some real gems if you get in early and I wasn't disappointed. Here is my new Minnie Mouse Loungefly bag and wallet!

It's a large tote bag with adjustable shoulder straps and it has a huge spotty Minnie Bow keychain on it. I love how bright the bag is and it's covered in the icon that is Minnie Mouse! It's got a zip and is waterproof which is always handy here in the UK! The inside of the bag is plain black but with plenty of space and pockets for your kawaii bits! The bag also comes with a longer shoulder strap that you can add if you like to wear it that way.

The wallet is black and spotty with the same Minnie Mouse design from the tote all over the front. It's the same material as the bag and has lots of space for what you need on the inside. Both the bag and wallet are really well made and I got them at a bargain price of £10 for the wallet and £15 for the bag! It really is worth checking out their sales! Wonder what I will find in the next sale!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
PinkuiroPixie X

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