Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween J-Candy Special!

Yes, it's Halloween again and our Japanese family sent us some super cute special edition J-Candy!

Wonder what's in this special Enjoy Halloween box?!

It's one of PinkuiroPixie's favourites - Toppo!

Lotte collaborated with Sebastian Masuda (6%DokiDoki) for this range - which also included classics like Pai no Mi and Choco Pie.

Next up is one of my favourites, Black Thunder - this is a Halloween multi-pack special bag:

Each of the individually wrapped bars features the spooky gang on their packaging:

I especially like the ghost with the wizard hat!

Finally we received a special edition Cocoa and Milk Koala no March - we love the cute packaging on this box, with a koala enjoying a warming cup of cocoa!

We love these special editions of some of our favourite classic J-Candy treats! We'll be enjoying them tonight with a spooky movie! ^^

Mata ne!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A Mug Fit For A Princess!

If you're a regular reader of the Blog you will know that Mr and I are crazy for Disney Store mugs, so when we saw there were some new designs on our last visit into Birmingham we just had to have a mooch round:

These are just some of the new mugs on offer, they were created for Walt Disney World and feature Disney Princess designs! And for the dark Kawaii fans, there's even a few Disney Villain designs too:

I really liked the Ursula mug and was torn as to which one to get but I ended up opting for the Ariel design:

You can see the outside is covered in mermaid scales and features a pearl necklace around the top. Ariel's hair makes up the handle and if you look closely inside, you can see Ariel's signature. The design continues on the back with a cute purple oyster shell on the bottom which is a nod to Ariel's top.

Mr gave in and bouht a mug he has had his eye on for a while:

Mr is a huge Stitchy fan so when he pointed out this Scrump TsumTsum mug I knew he would eventually cave in and get it! It's super cute and has become his favourite coffee mug at home.

So that's what's available in the Disney Store at the moment if you need a fresh new mug for work or home! I really liked that they had some Disney Villain options available and if they'd had a Maleficent design then I'd have snapped it up! For new I'll settle for my new Ariel mug ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
PinkuiroPixie X

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Kawaii Metropolis

Tokidoki recently released a new super Kawaii range that features iridescence!

Kawaii Metropolis is "a dazzling candy-colored city featuring an all-star cast of tokidoki characters! Selfie-takers, Sushi Cars, and Superheroes inhabit this ultramodern utopia of cute."

That utopia of cute is of course Japan! The bags feature not only Kawaii characters that all Tokidoki fans will know but Japanese landmarks and fashion which you can see when you visit. So, having said this range features iridesence, you have probably guessed I have got my hands on a few bags myself!

The first bag I treated myself to is the Kawaii Metropolis Tote:

This is a gorgeous bag with just the right amount of iridescent on it! The handles and corners are iridescent while the main section is covered in Kawaiiness, front and back:

The zip is a lovely rose gold tone which goes really well with the design and the inside is pink Tokidoki monogramme:

 As with all Tokidoki bags, it comes with a cute mascot keyring:

You can see in this pic the rose gold tones on the details and the keychain that go really nice with the design!

The second bag I got was the Kawaii Metropolis Crossbody:

It has all the same features with a little less iridescence but still super Kawaii! You can see here the chunky zipper that I love on all Tokidoki bags:

The Crossbody has the same Kawaii keychain and monogrammed lining as the Tote:

The added detail to the Crossbody comes on the strap:

I love all the details that come with a Tokidoki product, especially their bags, you really know you are getting a quality product that's going to look super Kawaii on you!

As well as the bags, I received some freebies from Tokidoki!

I got two sets of hair clips and two cute stickers, which I think Mr will be using!

So that's what I picked up from the Kawaii Metropolis range at Tokidoki! Having purchsed directly from them online a few times, I cannot fault their service. My items always arrive safely, my only wish is that they charged a more reasonable price for shipping! Or hell, have a store I can buy from in Europe, as you know, they're Italian?! I would buy alot more if they did!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
PinkuiroPixie X

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Geek, New Era style

You might already know I love New Era caps - well on a recent trip to Birmingham Pinkuiropixie treated me to a couple of awesome caps featuring two of my favourite fandoms - Marvel and Star Wars!

First up is this Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters 9FIFTY snapback - School crest on the front:

And on the back above the snap is the alma mater for the School - Mutatis Mutandis:

I love this cap - of course, Marvel and the X-Men are awesome, but I like the subtlety of the design; not everyone is going to twig that this is a geek cap on first glance.

Next up is a special collaborative 59FIFTY to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars - of course, it had to be the icon Lord Vader:

On the rear it features the special anniversary icon:

A really cool detail of this cap is hidden in the sweatband...

I love Star Wars and, clearly, the Empire is the best so this cap is perfect for me!

New Era is always worth checking out for cool collaborations - so next time you are near a flagship store, drop in!

Mata ne!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Uniqlo Haul - One Piece and Pikachu

Uniqlo is one of those brands that we wish was present in our city - but there's still online shopping, so I didn't have to miss out on some of the awesome UT Collection designs!

To celebrate 20 years of One Piece, the world-famous manga was returning to the UT Collection, so I had to grab my favourite designs!

First up is this monochrome Thousand Sunny crest design featuring the Mugiwara Pirates!

I also picked up this kawaii Tony Tony Chopper design, featuring everyone's favourite reindeer/ship's doctor!

Finally from the One Piece collaboration I chose the Sanji design:

On the back of this T is a menu listing Black Leg Style fighting moves!

I also spotted they still had some of the Nintendo collaboration shirts available that I'd not had chance to get before - well, when I saw the pixel Pikachu design it was a must purchase!

and for an extra cute touch, it's got this back print:

Love it!

Uniqlo is great for picking up everyday clothes at good prices, so it's worth checking their site out from time to time... it'd be even better if they'd open one up near us again...

Mata ne!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

LINE Friends and Hello Kitty pt.2

You might have seen our post about the LINE Friends and Hello Kitty collaboration ranges - well, of course, LINE didn't take long to release a set of stickers you can buy to send to your friends!

The stickers feature Kitty, Brown, Cony and more to brighten up your chats!

Mata ne!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

LINE Friends and Hello Kitty

There's a new collaboration range between the popular mascots of the best chat app, LINE and the kawaii icon Hello Kitty! 

Well, I say a collaboration range, but it's actually two - nicely friends:

and Kitty Town:

There's a wide range of goods featuring Kitty and Brown, including these costume plushes:

There's also various stationery items including sticky notes, a pen and this cute notebook:

There are cute phone cases available too:

There's a handy fold-up shopper tote in the Kitty Town range:

And each range has a cute T too:

There's also face cloths, plush charms and more coming soon (including pouches and different bags!).

They are both cute ranges - I think nicely friends is my favourite, what about you?

These items are available in Japan at the moment, and I don't think they'll get a release anywhere else, but some items are sure to become available through online sellers so keep your eyes open!

Mata ne!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Kingdom Hearts x LINE

The best chat app just released a kakkoii Kingdom Hearts theme in black - check it out below:

It's a really cool theme - I particularly like that Louis Vuitton vibe background!

Mata ne!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Johnny Cupcakes Collection Boost

Regular visitors to the blog will know that I love Johnny Cupcakes clothes - well my collection got a significant boost recently with this little lot!

First up I got the rainbow edition of one of my favourites (I had it in monochrome already) - the Do More Of What Makes You Happy shirt:

I love what this design represents!

I'm a fan of cool socks to add a little extra detail to my outfits - so I made sure to pick up all the colourways they had available:

They've got the classic cupcake and crossbones logo all over and the black and white pairs are versatile for lots of looks.

Like anyone with taste I know Kill Bill Vol.1 is the best, so when I saw this design it was a must-get:

I love the Gogo Yubari and O-Ren Ishii references in this take on the classic Johnny Cupcakes logo!

Lots of you will already know we love Marvel here at LITKL, so this Wolvie Crook design was a no brainer:

I particularly like how it is inspired by the classic Wolverine outfit!

I'd seen the Sanrio x Johnny Cupcakes 'Character Playground' design but hadn't had an opportunity to get it - of course, I had to put that right!

Along with the icon Hello Kitty, this design features Badtz Maru and Keroppi - two characters that don't get as much merch as they deserve!

Well, I couldn't leave Pinkuiropixie out of the Johnny Cupcakes fun - so I picked up a "Myster-e" shirt - Johnny Cupcakes does mystery shirts from time to time where you get a hint to the design but don't get to see it before you order; the clue this time was in the name... yes, it's a Wall-E inspired design!

Due to the high shipping costs and the almost-guaranteed tax hit when ordering Johnny Cupcakes here it made sense to get lots in one go, hence this pretty big haul!

Mata ne!