Saturday, 31 December 2016

Our 2016 TsumTsum Advent Calendars

With Christmas over I thought it would be nice to share with you what came in our TsumTsum advent calendars. If you follow our Instagram you will have seen that we managed to get our hands on both the UK and the Japan limited calendars!

Here is what the UK calendar looked like before advent started:

And here is the Japan calendar! It was decorated on both sides with a normal front where the doors were:

And the back was a Christmas tree with the TsumTsum butts sticking out as the baubles on the tree!

We loved this touch, it's the small, detailed touches that we love about Japan! They're awesome at it!

Each day on both calendars was a Disney character dressed up for Christmas. Some wore festive outfits and come were cosplaying as reindeers or elves! Here is the fully opened UK advent calendar with all the characters on show:

And here is the fully opened Japan advent calendar with all the characters on show:

Although both have a lot of the same characters they are still very different! Here is Baymax who appeared in both calendars:

If you look closely you will see they are both wrapped in Christmas lights but they have been created differently! The Baymax on the right has 3D lights wrapped around him, this is the Japanese Tsum. The Baymax on the left has the lights embroided onto him, this is the UK Tsum. There was also a difference in the Christmas stars that were in the calendars:

Pluto is the Japanese Christmas star and Dumbo is the UK Christmas star, both are super cute but very different in appearance! One of my favourite TsumTsums was the very last Japanese Tsum, Mickey:

He's Father Christmas and came on a detached sled! How cute is he!? If you want to see all the individual TsumTsums head over to our Instagram account, I posted each day so you can see what we got.

We are so happy we got our hands on these advent calendars, they are expensive, the UK calendar was £80 and the Japanese calendar was 15,000 Yen but you are getting 25 limited Christmas TsumTsums in each so we felt they were worth the money. Especially if you are a TsumTsum collector! We have a special plan for all 50 TsumTsums for next Christmas, it's only 358 days away!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
Pinkuiropixie ^^