Saturday, 15 October 2016

Sushi Go Party! - Game Review

We've loved Sushi Go! for ages here at LITKL - check out our previous review to find out all about this fun card game.  Well, the publishers have released a new version - Sushi Go Party!

If you've played Sushi Go! the first thing you'll notice is the Board and player pieces (we love how the scoring track is designed to look like a kaiten-zushi restaurant conveyor belt!):

 The Nigiri are ready, but what are all those gaps in the centre of the board? Well, along with all the dishes from the classic Sushi Go!, this version introduces lots more options:

A nice feature of this version is the inclusion of the Soy Sauce cards that were previously a promo item for the original game.

Obviously, there are far too many options there to play in a single game, so you tailor your choices to suit - along with the standard Nirigi you pick one type of rolls (the original maki, or the new uramaki or temaki), three appetizers (from originals like tempura and dumplings to miso soup and tofu), two specials (chopsticks and wasabi from the original and new cards like the menu or the take-out box), and a dessert (the classic pudding or newcomers like green tea ice-cream or fruit).

The rulebook gives you a few suggestions, there's one designed for new players, one for gaming groups that like lots of ways to mess up their friends' plans, one for 6-8 players and the one we played, designed for 2 players.  You get card tiles to put into the holes on the game board:

There we are all set up to play!  It plays like the original game, but the new cards give all sorts of different tactics and options - gone was my wasabi-squid nigiri combo, or my favourite dumpling collection tactic - I had to find new ways to win!  As before, you play three courses (rounds) and try to get as many points as possible!  Here's what our meals looked liked for our first course:

You move your piece along the conveyor scoring track and then you have another two courses to try to score the most points.  We were fairly close throughout.

Here's the final course -I managed to sneak ahead to win by just two points!! 

64 points versus 62! That was close!!

If you liked the original Sushi Go! then you'll love Sushi Go Party! - it adds more players, a tailored suggestion for two players, lots more options and the same super Kawaii artwork that made the original so adorable.  We still love the original Sushi Go! - we view it now as our 'travel edition' game to take with us on trips/holidays - but this edition adds so many new options!

Mata ne!!

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