Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Yo-kai Watch 3DS Themes

There are some new 3DS themes available in the Nintendo Theme Shop - this time from Yo-Kai Watch!

First up is a theme featuring the cat-robot Yo-kai, Robonyan:

The theme features special music and sound effects featuring Robonyan.

Oh My Swirls!! Next up is the ice-cream loving Komasan:

Komasan's eyes move as you scroll and he lets out a surprised noise when you open software!

Finally is Komasan's brother Komajiro:

Komajiro also talks when you open software or exit sleep mode and his eyes move as you scroll too.

Through my.nintendo you can get a Jibanyan theme for only 100 platinum points! Well, I just couldn't resist:

Nintendo have also released a new Yo-kai Watch puzzle for the Puzzle Swap at the Mii Plaza!

Mata ne!!

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