Sunday, 4 September 2016

Purr Maids Collection

The last few weeks of the school holidays are the best time of the year to stock up on super cute stationery! One of my favourite shops for stationery is Paperchase, and when we popped in last weekend we found a super cute range called the Purr Maids Collection! The store had a little sign up telling you that they had “combined everyone’s two favourite things, cats and mermaids and created Purr Maids!”

It’s a huge range including (deep breath) stationery, books, bags, stickers, diaries, lunch boxes, cups, folders, purses and water bottles all decorated with either a general mermaid theme or all over prints of Purr Maids. Having had my love of mermaids recently reignited, I grabbed myself a few items ^^ I went for the general mermaid themed items instead of all over print to make them more usable at work, first picking up this iridescent lunch bag.

It’s quite a big bag with a lining inside and a rainbow zip.

To be honest I will most probably use this as a normal popping out bag as I can see it matching so many outfits! It reflects so many colours I can’t imagine what it won’t match! It also feels waterproof, which when living in Britain, is handy!

The next item I picked up was this pack of 2 exercise books. I love lists, lists of lists, everything has a list. So when I spotted these I knew I needed them to help keep my lists extra kawaii! The front one has sequins and shells inside that move around:

And the other has shells printed all over it:

The next item I picked up was this super kawaii iridescent shell purse:

My purses never seem to have enough space for my change so this will come in super handy! It’s made using the same material as the lunch bag and has the same rainbow zip. They also had a matching shell back pack but was a bit on the small side ><. The last item I picked up was a glasses case. I have to wear glasses pretty much most of the time and it’s hard to find anything cute when it comes to glasses, so I just had to grab this case when I spotted it:

It’s shell shaped and the same as the bag and purse; iridescent (I think I’m becoming a bit obsessed with iridescent!) This will help keep my spare glasses safe and super Kawaii!

As I said, there is much more available in the range, and all decently priced in my opinion. I probably could have bought more, but I am trying to limit what I buy at the moment till I sort out everything else I already have >< So if you are a mermaid fan or becoming obsessed with iridescent like me check out the Purr Maids Collection in Paperchase!

Catch you later Kawaiisters
Pinkuiropixie ^^

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