Thursday, 15 September 2016

New 3DS Themes

Nintendo have released some new super cute 3DS themes in the Nintendo Shop, I know a lot of people forget to check the shop but it is an easy way to keep your DS Kawaii! Here are the cute ones that jumped out to me when I checked out the store.

The first is from Toy Story:

This one features Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, the famous Aliens, Slinky Dog, Rex and Hamm on the top screen and an Aliens motif on the lower screen. The theme also comes with "You've got a friend in me" music.

The second is from Monsters, Inc.

The top screen features our favourite Monsters Sulley and Mike and the bottom screen has Randle and George and has "Monsters, Inc." music. It reminds me of a cute pastel Monsters, Inc. range that we spotted in Tokyo Disneyland last year ^^.

If you're into Disney Princesses there's a new one for you:

The picture does not do this one justice, this is a very pretty theme that features the silhouettes of Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and Aurora, and the music is called "The Glow".

The last theme I spotted was this super cute (bargain) theme for Hello Kitty fans:

Hello Kitty and donuts! Who can resist this one!?

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!
Pinkuiropixie ^^

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