Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Japanese Mega Snack Attack! - The Sweet

A while ago a friend of mine from Tsu-shi in Mie Prefecture (hello Kazu-san!) asked if he could send me some Japanese snacks. I wasn't expecting a giant box of Japanese snacks, candy and food!!

It's taken me so long to get through it all, I'm only just getting round to writing this post to share with you what he sent!

He'd asked me what some of my favourite J-candy is, well Crunky is top of the list - and he sent me a few bars of this perfection-in-chocolate-form:

It's gotta be my absolute favourite - I love the bar style, the popjoy style and even the ice cream version! (don't think the ice cream would have survived the trip from Japan though...)

Kazu also picked out some other classics to send us - like these:-

On the top is Kinoko no Yama - biscuit and chocolate mushrooms, and on the bottom are crispy chocolatey bamboo shoots called Takenoko no Sato.  These both get seasonal and limited variations from time to time (like berry or banana flavour).  They are quite common as prizes in Game Centers - especially the little snack pack versions you can get.

Of course, Kazu included that icon of J-candy - Pocky!

He sent Chocolate, heart-shaped Strawberry and Matcha versions - it's tough to beat Pocky!

Matcha Pocky wasn't the only green tea flavoured item Kazu sent to us:

Matcha Pocky and Quattro biscuits! The Quattro biscuits feature Uji Matcha (the good quality stuff) and a Matcha flavoured sauce.  I'm not usually the biggest Matcha fan, but the Quattro biscuits in particular were delicious!

Kazu knew that Pinkuiropixie's favourite Japanese snack is Toppo and he included some more in his parcel:

Along with the regular chocolate version (one also featured festival-themed packaging - on the left), was a limited-edition custard crepe flavour! It was like a crème brûlée filled treat!

Another classic in the parcel was Koala no March:

The boxed versions feature limited-edition packaging - strawberry features a Koala ready for the beach with bikini and sun parasol and the chocolate version features a Koala dressed for a festival complete with Uchiwa fan!  Kazu also snuck in some snack pack versions that come in a big line; you tear off a bag at a time to enjoy.

Kazu introduced me to one of his favourite snacks - Black Thunder - well, these small affordable bars quickly became one of my favourites too! (it's a good job he included quite a few!!):

These chocolate bars feature little chunks of white and chocolate (think Oreo) biscuit in delicious chocolate.  Seriously, these are highly recommended for you J-candy fans if you haven't discovered them already!

Kazu also sent us both a Pokémon chocolate - in the shape of a heart, how cute!

These solid chocolate hearts are by Lotte, the same company behind classics like Crunky and Ghana chocolate bars.

But Kazu didn't just send biscuits and chocolate - he absolutely packed out the parcel with all sorts of savoury goodies too! I'll be blogging about those soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Mata ne!!

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