Thursday, 29 September 2016

Japanese Mega Snack Attack! - The Savoury

My friend from Tsu-shi in Mie Prefecture sent us a rather large box of Japanese snacks.  I've already blogged about the sweets he sent, but there was too much stuff for one post, so here's the savoury items!

Kazu sent us some of his favourite cheesy snacks - the famous Cheeza crackers:

On the left is Camembert flavour(!) and on the right classic Cheddar Cheese.

He sent a popular snack by Calbee - the Jagarico Salad Potato sticks pot:

These potato sticks include carrot and parsley!

Another Calbee classic is the Kappa Ebisen, which was first released in 1964:

These shrimp flavoured snacks come in a line of bags that you tear off to eat.  The packaging features a cute Shrimp and Kappa family (complete with Kappa kids dressed as shrimp!)

Kazu included a tube of Chip Star crisps (like Pringles) - but these came in a fiery hot chili flavour!

Just look at the packaging, it's clear you have to be tough to take on that kind of snack!

Kazu included some traditional style sauce-coated crackers:

The packaging is really cute, featuring people playing traditional instruments.

Finally on the crisp and cracker front Kazu included a selection of Umaibō:

These are like giant wotsits or cheetos, but in a wide variety of flavours! Here are Corn Potage, Vegetable Salad, Salami and Cheese versions - but they also do Beef Tongue, Natto and Tonkatsu Sauce flavours amongst others!

Kazu is a big curry fan, so he had to include some Japanese style curry for us to try.  He sent us a Pokémon curry - he said that because it is aimed at kids it will be mild for us to start with!!

It even came with a promo card for the Pokémon card game! Wish food here came with promo stuff like that...

Kazu also enjoys instant noodles as a quick meal or snack, so he sent us his favourite, UFO Yakisoba:

This big bowl comes with pork, cabbage, pickled ginger and seaweed - Kazu even sent me step by step instructions on how to make this perfectly (he takes his instant noodles seriously!)

Kazu also included some of the famous Cup Noodle brand - Chili Tomato flavour this time:

The final noodles Kazu included were the Pikachu Pokémon ones:

This is a soy-broth flavoured instant noodle, that comes with onion, corn and Pikachu-design kamaboko discs (a fish product). You might remember us seeing these in a Pokémon Center:

But that's not everything Kazu sent us, hiding at the bottom of the parcel was this...

Yes, a can of Japanese white peaches! I asked Kazu and he told me that it was one of his favourites so he'd included some for us to try!

I certainly wasn't expecting Kazu to send all the stuff he did when he asked to send me some snacks - I was just thinking a pack of Pocky or something would have been really generous to send us!

Mata ne!!

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