Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Blind Bags!!

Who doesn't love a cute blind bag!! We popped into our local comic store in Birmingham and they have a huge stock of different blind bags so we just had to pick a few up! They are a cute and cheap way to get hold of kawaii figures, or in this case, keyrings!

Mr picked up a Disney series blind bag and I picked up a TsumTsum blind bag. We also couldn't resist getting a Disney Villains blind bag!! Here's what was up for grabs in each bag:

Mr was up first, and he got..........

PUMBA!!! Mr did annouce what he got by singing "When I was a young warthogg!" very loud haha. Next up in my TsumTsum bag I got..........

ALICE!!!! I couldn't think of a song for my Tsum haha The last bag was the Villains bag and in that was........

Dr Facilier! How cute is he!! All three keyrings are really good quality and are quite big, Mr said he's putting his on his DS case, now where shall I put mine????

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!
Pinkuiropixie ^^

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