Thursday, 29 September 2016

Japanese Mega Snack Attack! - The Savoury

My friend from Tsu-shi in Mie Prefecture sent us a rather large box of Japanese snacks.  I've already blogged about the sweets he sent, but there was too much stuff for one post, so here's the savoury items!

Kazu sent us some of his favourite cheesy snacks - the famous Cheeza crackers:

On the left is Camembert flavour(!) and on the right classic Cheddar Cheese.

He sent a popular snack by Calbee - the Jagarico Salad Potato sticks pot:

These potato sticks include carrot and parsley!

Another Calbee classic is the Kappa Ebisen, which was first released in 1964:

These shrimp flavoured snacks come in a line of bags that you tear off to eat.  The packaging features a cute Shrimp and Kappa family (complete with Kappa kids dressed as shrimp!)

Kazu included a tube of Chip Star crisps (like Pringles) - but these came in a fiery hot chili flavour!

Just look at the packaging, it's clear you have to be tough to take on that kind of snack!

Kazu included some traditional style sauce-coated crackers:

The packaging is really cute, featuring people playing traditional instruments.

Finally on the crisp and cracker front Kazu included a selection of Umaibō:

These are like giant wotsits or cheetos, but in a wide variety of flavours! Here are Corn Potage, Vegetable Salad, Salami and Cheese versions - but they also do Beef Tongue, Natto and Tonkatsu Sauce flavours amongst others!

Kazu is a big curry fan, so he had to include some Japanese style curry for us to try.  He sent us a Pokémon curry - he said that because it is aimed at kids it will be mild for us to start with!!

It even came with a promo card for the Pokémon card game! Wish food here came with promo stuff like that...

Kazu also enjoys instant noodles as a quick meal or snack, so he sent us his favourite, UFO Yakisoba:

This big bowl comes with pork, cabbage, pickled ginger and seaweed - Kazu even sent me step by step instructions on how to make this perfectly (he takes his instant noodles seriously!)

Kazu also included some of the famous Cup Noodle brand - Chili Tomato flavour this time:

The final noodles Kazu included were the Pikachu Pokémon ones:

This is a soy-broth flavoured instant noodle, that comes with onion, corn and Pikachu-design kamaboko discs (a fish product). You might remember us seeing these in a Pokémon Center:

But that's not everything Kazu sent us, hiding at the bottom of the parcel was this...

Yes, a can of Japanese white peaches! I asked Kazu and he told me that it was one of his favourites so he'd included some for us to try!

I certainly wasn't expecting Kazu to send all the stuff he did when he asked to send me some snacks - I was just thinking a pack of Pocky or something would have been really generous to send us!

Mata ne!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Blind Bags!!

Who doesn't love a cute blind bag!! We popped into our local comic store in Birmingham and they have a huge stock of different blind bags so we just had to pick a few up! They are a cute and cheap way to get hold of kawaii figures, or in this case, keyrings!

Mr picked up a Disney series blind bag and I picked up a TsumTsum blind bag. We also couldn't resist getting a Disney Villains blind bag!! Here's what was up for grabs in each bag:

Mr was up first, and he got..........

PUMBA!!! Mr did annouce what he got by singing "When I was a young warthogg!" very loud haha. Next up in my TsumTsum bag I got..........

ALICE!!!! I couldn't think of a song for my Tsum haha The last bag was the Villains bag and in that was........

Dr Facilier! How cute is he!! All three keyrings are really good quality and are quite big, Mr said he's putting his on his DS case, now where shall I put mine????

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!
Pinkuiropixie ^^

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Rain Clouds to brighten up your home!

We love grabbing little bits and pieces that can help make our home even more cute! One place we have found that has gems of cuteness, and a store I have blogged about before is Tiger. When we popped in last week we found these super cute door hooks:

They come in two sizes and were really cheap, only a few pounds each! They come in black but if you are a crafty person you could easily paint these to any colour to suit your home colour scheme. The hooks look like rain drops which is a nice touch. We bought a few of these in both sizes and they have added a nice touch of cuteness around the house. Wonder what they will have next time we visit ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!
Pinkuiropixie ^^

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Yo-kai Watch 3DS Themes

There are some new 3DS themes available in the Nintendo Theme Shop - this time from Yo-Kai Watch!

First up is a theme featuring the cat-robot Yo-kai, Robonyan:

The theme features special music and sound effects featuring Robonyan.

Oh My Swirls!! Next up is the ice-cream loving Komasan:

Komasan's eyes move as you scroll and he lets out a surprised noise when you open software!

Finally is Komasan's brother Komajiro:

Komajiro also talks when you open software or exit sleep mode and his eyes move as you scroll too.

Through my.nintendo you can get a Jibanyan theme for only 100 platinum points! Well, I just couldn't resist:

Nintendo have also released a new Yo-kai Watch puzzle for the Puzzle Swap at the Mii Plaza!

Mata ne!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Japanese Mega Snack Attack! - The Sweet

A while ago a friend of mine from Tsu-shi in Mie Prefecture (hello Kazu-san!) asked if he could send me some Japanese snacks. I wasn't expecting a giant box of Japanese snacks, candy and food!!

It's taken me so long to get through it all, I'm only just getting round to writing this post to share with you what he sent!

He'd asked me what some of my favourite J-candy is, well Crunky is top of the list - and he sent me a few bars of this perfection-in-chocolate-form:

It's gotta be my absolute favourite - I love the bar style, the popjoy style and even the ice cream version! (don't think the ice cream would have survived the trip from Japan though...)

Kazu also picked out some other classics to send us - like these:-

On the top is Kinoko no Yama - biscuit and chocolate mushrooms, and on the bottom are crispy chocolatey bamboo shoots called Takenoko no Sato.  These both get seasonal and limited variations from time to time (like berry or banana flavour).  They are quite common as prizes in Game Centers - especially the little snack pack versions you can get.

Of course, Kazu included that icon of J-candy - Pocky!

He sent Chocolate, heart-shaped Strawberry and Matcha versions - it's tough to beat Pocky!

Matcha Pocky wasn't the only green tea flavoured item Kazu sent to us:

Matcha Pocky and Quattro biscuits! The Quattro biscuits feature Uji Matcha (the good quality stuff) and a Matcha flavoured sauce.  I'm not usually the biggest Matcha fan, but the Quattro biscuits in particular were delicious!

Kazu knew that Pinkuiropixie's favourite Japanese snack is Toppo and he included some more in his parcel:

Along with the regular chocolate version (one also featured festival-themed packaging - on the left), was a limited-edition custard crepe flavour! It was like a crème brûlée filled treat!

Another classic in the parcel was Koala no March:

The boxed versions feature limited-edition packaging - strawberry features a Koala ready for the beach with bikini and sun parasol and the chocolate version features a Koala dressed for a festival complete with Uchiwa fan!  Kazu also snuck in some snack pack versions that come in a big line; you tear off a bag at a time to enjoy.

Kazu introduced me to one of his favourite snacks - Black Thunder - well, these small affordable bars quickly became one of my favourites too! (it's a good job he included quite a few!!):

These chocolate bars feature little chunks of white and chocolate (think Oreo) biscuit in delicious chocolate.  Seriously, these are highly recommended for you J-candy fans if you haven't discovered them already!

Kazu also sent us both a Pokémon chocolate - in the shape of a heart, how cute!

These solid chocolate hearts are by Lotte, the same company behind classics like Crunky and Ghana chocolate bars.

But Kazu didn't just send biscuits and chocolate - he absolutely packed out the parcel with all sorts of savoury goodies too! I'll be blogging about those soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Mata ne!!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Kodama: The Tree Spirits - Game Review

Kodama: The Tree Spirits has been hitting our table recently, so we thought it was high time we shared it with everyone!

In this game from Action Phase Games, designed by Daniel Solis and with Kawaii art by Kwanchai Moriya, the players take the role of forest caretakers, tasked by the Guardians of the Forest to grow the perfect tree to house cute but picky little forest spirits - the Kodama.

The game is quick to set up - score board, branches display, a decree for each of the growing seasons (Spring, Summer and Autumn), 4 Kodama cards dealt to each player and a trunk card per player too.  Each trunk has a special feature these are used for various scoring situations - I had the star (on the left) and Pinkuiropixie had the orange caterpillar (on the right).

At the start of each season you reveal the Forest Guardian's decree for that season - these decrees have different effects on the game, this one - makes any mushrooms on branches count as flowers instead.

Each season is broken down into four growing phases.  During each phase, each player chooses one of the branch cards from the display to add to their tree.  You score points each phase based on connected branches sharing special features (like the star and caterpillar but also flowers, mushrooms, clouds and fireflies).  There are a few rules about how to add a branch to your tree - it has to look like it is growing from either the trunk or another branch (not just floating about!), when you add a branch it can only touch one other card and it can't extend off the table. After you've placed your branch you fill the gap in the branch display from the card deck.

After four growing phases you have to choose one of your Kodama cards to make your tree its new home.  These little guys give you bonus points for fulfilling different criteria - they all have different tastes and preferences after all!

Here's Pinkuiropixie's tree after Spring with the newly moved in Kodama:

And here is mine:

It's then time for the next round - it's the turn of the Summer Forest Guardian to issue her decree, replacing the Spring decree:

This time it didn't affect scoring - but a strong Gust blew away the branches in the display meaning a new selection were available.  Bad luck if you were planning on taking one that was still left over from Spring!

Again, you have four growing phases to gain favour from the Kodama.  At the end of Summer, here were our trees.  First up is Pinkuiropixie's:

That's a lot of caterpillars!  Now here is my Summer tree:

You then head into the final season, Autumn/Fall.  Now the Forest Gurdian for this season issues his decree:

This Guardian gives you a chance to score some extra bonus points - rewarding you for having branches without certain features on your tree. As before, this replaces the Summer decree.

So, you have a final set of four growing phases to perfect your tree and choose the final Kodama that gets to move into its new home.  Here is Pinkuiropixie's final tree:

While mine looked like this:

Sadly my tree just wasn't cool enough for the Kodama and I lost 66 points to 113 points.  I'll get even next time!!

A fun feature of the game is the winner card and Kodama tokens that the winner gets to decorate their tree with to share with the world!  Here's Pinkuiropixie's winning tree all decorated up:

I think my favourite is the one lying on its back with his little caterpillar friend!

We really recommend Kodama - it's cute and creative but you have to keep an eye a few steps ahead to maximise your points and leave room for your tree to grow.  It doesn't take long to play once you get used to the rules for placing branches, so it's a fun start to a game night or just a quick fix of gaming.

Mata ne!!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

New 3DS Themes

Nintendo have released some new super cute 3DS themes in the Nintendo Shop, I know a lot of people forget to check the shop but it is an easy way to keep your DS Kawaii! Here are the cute ones that jumped out to me when I checked out the store.

The first is from Toy Story:

This one features Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, the famous Aliens, Slinky Dog, Rex and Hamm on the top screen and an Aliens motif on the lower screen. The theme also comes with "You've got a friend in me" music.

The second is from Monsters, Inc.

The top screen features our favourite Monsters Sulley and Mike and the bottom screen has Randle and George and has "Monsters, Inc." music. It reminds me of a cute pastel Monsters, Inc. range that we spotted in Tokyo Disneyland last year ^^.

If you're into Disney Princesses there's a new one for you:

The picture does not do this one justice, this is a very pretty theme that features the silhouettes of Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and Aurora, and the music is called "The Glow".

The last theme I spotted was this super cute (bargain) theme for Hello Kitty fans:

Hello Kitty and donuts! Who can resist this one!?

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!
Pinkuiropixie ^^

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Disney Villains Collection

When we visited Tokyo Disney Sea last year their Halloween celebrations were based on the awesome Disney Villains, they're not featured much in Disney Parks so to see so much merchandise was great and we absolutely loved their parade! So you can imagine how excited we were when we saw the Villains Collection TsumTsusms were going to be released. We couldn't wait to get our hands on them so to make sure we did we booked a day off and had a shopping day, starting with the Disney Store in Birmingham. It was the usual chaotic scene, people running in and grabbing everything they could but we managed to grab everything we wanted before they sold out.

So here is the Villains Collection! The small set contains 8 Tsums, Jafar as a Genie, Cruella De Vil, Evil Queen, Ursula, Lady Tremaine, Maleficent, Maleficent in Dragon form and Dr. Facilier, they also released a medium Maleficent Dragon! They are a super detailed set, here is Ursula, Lady Tremaine and Dr Facilier:

Ursula looks awesome with Triton's crown and you can even spot her octopus tentacles at the bottom of her Tsum. Lady Tremaine has her frilly collar and trademark hair, and Dr Facilier has his hat and cute little outfit!

Here's Cruella De Vil, Evil Queen and Jafar as a Genie, I just love Cruella's furry coat! Both Cruella and the Evil Queen also have cute eye shadows on which is a nice touch and Jafar has his cute earring in! I really love how detailed TsumTsums are <3

My favourites from the collection are the Maleficent Tsums:

Here she is in her normal and dragon form and they are super detailed as well! I saw a lady in Tokyo Disney Sea last year wearing Maleficent horn head wear and absolutely loved them! Since the live action film in 2014 I have grown a love for Maleficent so getting our hands on the Tsums is awesome! I'm even more happy that we got our hands on her dragon form medium Tsum:

The next set of Tsums are Marvel Ultimate Spider-man Series 2:

Including Spider Gwen, I'll have to put her with my Women of Power Tsum collection!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
Pinkuiropixie ^^