Sunday, 7 August 2016

GemPacked Cards - Game Review

GemPacked Cards is a tabletop take on the iOS game GemPacked!  It's described as a 'gem crafting, colour blending game' - and the artwork is super Kawaii!

Of course it's all based around the Kawaii Geminos! Here they are in their 'Pip' form:

For colour-blind players they all have the first letter of their colour printed on them, so everyone can join in the Kawaii fun! I think the smug green Pip is my favourite!

You set up the game differently depending on how many people are playing.  Here's the set up for a 2-player game:

Each player starts with 2 pips (you can see Pinkuiropixie's Pips ready on the right).  As you play you draw Pips from the area on the left and spend them to get the Gemino Squares (and Diamonds) which are worth points from the grid in the middle.  At the top you can see some cards with different combinations of Geminos - if you can fulfil these your Geminos get into a rocket ship and escape so they are worth lots of points at the end of the game!

You can also buy the Sun or Nova cards to gain points:

Aren't they adorable?!

So as you play you use your Pips to buy Squares - two Pips of the same colour for a Square of that colour, or you can use combinations of the elementary colours (blue, red, yellow) to buy Squares in the secondary colours (purple, green, orange).  White Pips are 'wild' so can take the place of any of the other colours when you are buying a Square.

You do the same thing with your Squares to buy Diamonds.  You can only buy Squares/Diamonds from that grid in the middle - like this:

After you buy, the empty space gets refilled with a new card, showing a new Square or Diamond the players can buy.  There are also some special events cards that can turn up - like an Asteroid:

These cute little guys make all players draw more Pips!

There's also the Chomet!

This fiery blue beast eats the cards around him when he appears, so might clear out that Diamond you are trying to get! Watch out for the Chomet!!

You take turns drawing Pips, buying cards and trying to get the most points - once the last Pip is drawn each player gets one more turn to try to score some big points and then you work out the winner!  Here's Pinkuiropixie's winning set:

I spent too long trying to get combos to buy a Rocket ><;

GemPacked Cards is a fun game that plays quickly so it's possible to play a few rounds to find out who is the Gemino Master!  The game sometimes feels like it doesn't last long enough, and those Rockets can be really tricky to get too, but don't let that put you off - it's still a fun, Kawaii game!

Mata ne!

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