Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Beauty and the Beast TsumTsums! (Plus more!)

The Disney Store released the most Kawaii TsumTsum set yet yesterday, they released Beauty and the Beast! I knew these would be a hugely popular release so to make sure we got a set, I queued outside the Disney Store in Birmingham before going to work!

We heard that the online sets sold out in just 11 minutes so I was even more happier that we didn't rely on getting them that way! Despite a queue, I managed to get a whole set for Beauty and the Beast and they are beautiful!

It's a large set of 9 Tsums, from the bottom row to the top, left to right, it's Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, Chip, Gaston, Maurice, Philippe, The Beast and his Belle! Aren't they adorable!!!!!

Each Tsum is super cute and as detailed as in the film. Here is Mrs Potts and Chip:

And Lumiere and Cogsworth:

I just love Cogsworth's face! and Lumiere's candle hands! Super cute! Here is a cheeky Gaston:

And his eyebrow adds even more cheekiness! And here is The Beast and his Belle:

This is probabaly my favourite set yet! I'm super glad I went to the Store! I even managed to get my hands on a large Beast!

He is awesome!! I didn't manage to get a medium Belle as they sold out in store but Mr has ordered one from the online Disney Store so she's on her way!! They will look adorable stacked together!

The Disney Store released several other sets in store and online and I managed to get them as well. The first is a Pete's Dragon (Elliot) TsumTsum, they had medium and small but I only managed to get my hands on a small but he is so cute!

His pink hair is adorable and they even made sure he came with the 0 and X's game on his tummy!

I also picked up the Toy Story Alien set:

This was previously released in Japan for the 20th Anniversary of Toy Story, so it was great to get our hands on it here!

The last set I picked up were the Toy Story Three Peas in a Pod, they had also been released in Japan before!

I love each of their super cute faces! So that's my awesome TsumTsum haul! Quite a big TsumTsum Tuesday!! Can't wait for the next TsumTsum Tuesday! Mr and I will be there to grab our set!

Catch you later Kawiisters!!
PinkuiroPixie ^^

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