Friday, 29 July 2016

Alpacapacapaca - game review

We wanted to share with everyone a super Kawaii game from Japan called Alpacapacapaca!

The players are Alpaca breeders coming together at the Alpaca show.  The goal of the game is to have the most stylish Alpaca of all!  Each player starts with a body and a head (there are a few different designs of head to choose from).  Here are mine and Pinkuiropixie's starting Alpacas:

You then set up the deck.  Depending on the number of players you set it up slightly differently ways, but you are never sure exactly what will be in the deck each time as you don't use all the cards each game.  Here we are set up ready to have an Alpaca-off!

Each turn you have to do one of three actions:

A. Take two cards from the pile, choose one to add to your Alpaca and then put the other face down in a discard pile.
B. Take all the cards in the discard pile and add them to your Alpaca in one go
C. Negotiate a trade with another player to get cards you really want from them.

So, as you take turns and you draw cards your Alpaca's neck grows...

Pinkuiropixie's Alpaca had started well and has even had a Kawaii little baby girl Alpaca! Baby Alpacas give you bonus points at the end if you fulfil certain conditions - Pinkuiropixie was obviously trying to get a completed bow on her Alpaca to make the most of that baby girl bonus!

You carry on taking turns and your Alpaca just keeps on growing:

Pinkuiropixie is going strong with two completed bows, but that Alpaca must have been playing in its field - it's got some dirt on its neck which loses you points at the end!

You carry on taking turns until the deck of cards runs out, then you take one more turn each before working out who has the best Alpaca!  First up you discard any unfinished bows or scarves from your Alpaca, then work out who has the longest neck - as you can see Pinkuiropixie's Alpaca is huge!

That player gets 4 points, the second longest neck Alpaca gets 2.  You then add up points for all the bows, scarves and necklaces, then subtract a point for every dirty patch on your Alpaca - even with four muddy bits Pinkuiropixie still won though (My necklace and scarf combo obviously wasn't stylish enough!!)

The game plays really quickly and is good fun - those Alpacas can grow really long so it's definitely a game to play on a big table or the floor, it's not one you can easily take out on a train journey!  I really recommend Alpacapacapaca, with its Kawaii art and fun, easy to learn gameplay it's definitely a winner!

Mata ne!

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