Sunday, 19 June 2016

The new TsumTsum D/Style Collection ^^

The Disney Store has released a super cute TsumTsum collection for the summer as part of their D/Style collection. The D/Style collection is a range of items, such as clothes, accessories and home decor, inspired by the fashions of Japan. The collection features their super Kawaii TsumTsums as scoops of icecream! Kawaii!! We picked up a few bits from our local Disney Store in Birmingham!

These were the first items I spotted when we first went in! I love cute water bottles that I can carry about with me or use at work so I just had to grab these for the summer! On the left is a screw lid plastic cup with a pink swirled ice cream lid and a cute stripey straw! The bottle on the right is a thinner screw top bottle which is perfect for carrying with me when I'm out and about! Both are decorated with super cute Tsum ice creams!

I've got a soft spot for cute lunch boxes too so I grabbed this one for work:

I just love the colour of it! And it's got a separate tray compartment to store bits for my lunch! It clips together keeping my lunch safe inside! Again, it's decorated with a super cute Pooh and Piglet ice cream! nom!!

Mr and I love super cute homeware so made sure to grab a few other bits they had in the store. We picked up these Kawaii bowls:

Aren't they cute? And we picked up these larger bowls that are perfect for serving up treats to guests on gaming nights!

They are COVERED in super cute TsumTsums! We also picked up these cups:

They come in a pack of four with each cup featuring different scoops of character ice cream:

I know which one Mr will want to use!! The bowls and cups are made from melamine so are a better quality plastic than normal plastic items. I have a Hello Kitty melamine plate and it has lasted me ages! So with good care these should last as well! The summer Ice Cream set had a few other items available, some I have seen in store and others online. They have a few plates, trays and bags that I have only seen online! Make sure you check the range out next time you're in store!

The last item I grabbed from the store was this pack of TsumTsum nail art!

It contains 12 press on nails, 29 nail gems and 24 TsumTsum stickers and I can't wait to use them!!

The Disney Store are releasing the Star Wars: The Force Awakens TsumTsum range this week squeeeeeeeeee!! Can't wait to get my hands on a Rey and BB-8!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
PinkuiroPixie ^^

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