Sunday, 26 June 2016

Miracle Gift Parade - Happy 25th Birthday Puroland ^^

To celebrate its 25th Birthday, Puroland has changed its main parade for the first time in 8 years! The Miracle Gift Parade started being shown in Puroland on 5th December 2015 and my favourite designer Sebastian Masuda of 6%DokiDoki was the Art Director. He is the Decora King and when Mr heard about the parade he went on the hunt! Puroland release DVDs in their theme park shops of the parades you see when you visit, so you don't need to worry about trying to video them yourself! They sell professionally made versions of each parade, the only problem is, they're only available in Japan :(

That did not deter Mr and he surprised me with my very own copy of the Miracle Gift Parade DVD!

Here is a pic of the inside of the DVD slip case and a free print for the parade that comes with the DVD set!

The Parade features Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel arriving from the Strawberry Kingdom, with all your favourite Sanrio characters in tow! Here they are in their super cute parade outfits!

All covered in donuts and strawberries!!! Cute!! <3

I didn't want to spoil the parade for anyone wanting to see it so I instead of taking screen shots of the parade I found these pics on the Sanrio Puroland website. The Parade contains super Kawaii floats and dancers that take you off to a magical fantasy land! The characters appear on four super Kawaii floats:

Aren't they just super Kawaii?!?!?! I think the Kawaii Float is my favourite! <3

The Parade is all in Japanese but we have never found that a problem, Puroland have always been very good at having parades that translate easily through what you see, it's not hard to figure out what is going on! If you aren't planning a trip to Tokyo anytime soon, (or you are) then grab yourself a Puroland DVD, they are a great way of bringing a taste of Puroland home! We have bought them each time we have been and have a small collection now:

Do you own any of these parades? I can't wait to visit and see the next one!
Catch you later Kawaiisters!!
PinkuiroPixie ^^

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