Sunday, 24 April 2016

Shephy - solitaire Kawaii gaming

I'd heard about Shephy a while ago, but only recently picked it up.  It's a Japanese solitaire tabletop game!

Yes, that's right, it's a solitaire game - one player only! The Kawaii artwork is what drew me to try this game out, and I'm really glad I did!

The story behind the game is that the humans have all gone, and the sheep are left to take over Earth! Your goal is to get to 1,000 sheep before the enemy flock of sheep does.

The game is played using cards, there are Sheep cards (for various amounts of sheep):

There is also a deck of Event cards, here's a few of them:

There are all sorts of Event cards, some let you get more sheep, some wipe out some of your sheep (watch out for that lightning!) and others help you in other ways.

I set up Shephy for a game:

See the enemy sheep card in the top left? After each round you play it turns round until it reaches 1000 when you lose - you also lose if you ever have no sheep in the bottom row (called the field).  You win by having a 1000 sheep card in your field at the end of a round.

To start you draw 5 Event cards:

To play you choose a card in your hand, apply its effects and then draw new Event cards until you have 5 in your hand again.  As some cards get you more sheep and others get rid of ones you have, you have to carefully plan the order you use the cards.  Once you've gone through the whole event card deck, it is the end of that round:

Hmmm, only 9 sheep in my field... to start the next round you turn the enemy sheep card round one place (to 10) and then shuffle the Event cards and play another round!  Here's my score at the end of round two:

Hmmm 90 sheep in my field now, it's better but that enemy sheep now turns to 100 and I've got one more round to go... Here's what I managed to get:

902 sheep! So close, but those enemy sheep just don't stop - they turned to 1000, meaning I lost!

So close!! ><;

Shephy plays really quickly when you get used to it, and I find I'm often saying 'just one more game!' as I try to beat those dastadly enemy sheep!

If you are able to get to 1000 sheep first, the rules tell you that you can play a bonus stage mode where you try to get as high as you can before the enemy sheep turn to 1000, so there's plenty of replayability!

Shephy won't be for everyone, but it's a fun solitaire game and the theme and artwork are cute and unusual - I highly recommend it!

Mata ne!

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