Sunday, 10 April 2016

New TsumTsum Bags ^^

We're lucky enough to live near a Disney Store in Birmingham City Centre so whenever we're in doing a spot of shopping we pop in and check out what's new. Last time we popped in we found some new super cute TsumTsum bags that they had in stock and being huge TsumTsum fans we just had to pick them up!

The first bag I spotted was this all over print messenger bag:

Isn't it so Kawaii?? It's predominantly black and white with splashes of colour on each character, such as Minnie's iconic red bow, and Donald's blue beret! It also has a huge Stitch TsumTsum face in the bottom right corner and comes with a matching Sticth TsumTsum purse! The purse can be clipped on and off the bag and will come in handy to hold my change! It's a good sturdy everyday bag and is waterproof. It has two pockets, one at the top of the bag and the other just below it so I should be able to fit in all my everyday essentials when I wear it!

The other TsumTsum bags we picked up are reusable shopping bags and are so cute! I spotted these guys sitting on a shelf, they are about twice the size of a normal Tsum so I wasn't sure what they were at first:

Then I noticed a tag on the side with a little diagram on and squeaked!

 The bag is inside!

Here's what the Stitch one looks like unfolded:

It's another all over print, blue with red details picked out all over it! And you carry Stitch in your hand on the handles!

Here's the Minnie bag unfolded:

This is the same print as the Stitch but in white and red with the same details picked out, and Minnie sits on the handles just like Stitch! <3

They are well made shopping bags and are going straight into my bag so that any shopping I grab while out is carried in a super Kawaii bag! All of the bags I bought were really reasonably priced, the messenger bag was £14.95 and the shoppers were £6 each. If my other Disney shoppers are anything to go by they will definitely last as well! I only saw three types of shoppers on offer, Minnie, Stitch and Mickey Mouse, so hopefully they release a few more well loved characters in the future!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!

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