Saturday, 12 March 2016

Ruby Rose - The Gem in Shibuya 109!

Shibuya 109 is one of the most iconic stores to visit when in Tokyo. It's packed to the brim with little boutiques selling the latest fashions, accessories and cosmetics. And amongst all the little boutiques is a little boutique I have visited a few times while visiting Tokyo, it's called Ruby Rose.

Ruby Rose specialises in selling bejewelled accessories that any Kawaiister would love! I spotted it on my second visit to Tokyo on the 6th floor of 109 and bought a super cute item that made me go back the third time for more!

Starting with the accessories, here's what I picked up in October:

These are glittery hair clips that I found in my favourite colours, so just had to grab them! Who doesn't love hearts?! and hearts with wings!! They are super cute clips that add a touch of sparkle to any outfit! Being a HUGE HAIR BOW LOVER I just had to grab these cuties when I spotted them! They're little lace bows with even littler colourful balls and stars rattling round inside. 

They're really delicate and go really well with any decora look! I also picked up this cute bow which can also be worn as a brooch:

Not what I would normally buy but so cute I couldn't leave without it. I also picked up this clip that can also be worn as a brooch:

It's a big super cute fluffy star with little gems and bows on it! The fluffy material is striped with  pastel yellow and pink and is super Kawaii, think this will definitely be worn as a brooch to Kawaii up a dull work outfit! I also picked up this glittery lollipop clip:

Who doesn't love wearing candy in their hair! Now, at the beginning I said on my first visit I picked something up that was so Kawaii I just had to go back. That item was a super Kawaii bejewelled Sulley from Monsters Inc, as Ruby Rose also does bejewelled plushes that you can wear as an accessory!

Isn't he the most Kawaii thing you have ever seen?!?!?!?! He is covered in pink jewels and bows and I just had to grab him on my first visit!

From the side you can see his little pink skirt and rabbit plush that he is holding! Isn't he just adorable ><

I love how the jewels on his feet make it look like he's wearing some Kawaii shoes! And on this you can see that even his skirt has been decorated! Here's another side shot showing the jewels that come on the keyring, just to add a bit more bling!

So, this is what I bought during my first visit, and I really regretted not picking up this next item the first time, I was super happy she still had one of him available!

What's a Sulley without his Mike!! Isn't he the cutest eyeball monster you've ever seen!! He's even got twin bows on his head and kawaii shoes like Sully! A match made in monster heaven!

If you're ever in Shibuya 109 make sure you check out Ruby Rose, you'll find yourself some super Kawaii gems just like I did!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!

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Oh my gosh, Sully and Mike are so kawaii!

Dannie x

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