Sunday, 6 March 2016

Rapunzel and Easter TsumTsums have arrived!!

This week saw the Disney Store release the super cute Rapunzel TsumTsum set AND a super Kawaii Easter basket packed with TSUMS! With Tuesday being the first one of the month, Mr jumped online to order our new set of Tsums, it's becoming a bit of a routine now haha. It was a small set this month with just 6 characters in the stack:

Here is the Rapunzel set with (from bottom left) Pascal, Mother Gothel, Pascal (in his dress), Maximus, Flynn and sitting on top, Rapunzel! Aren't they a cute little collection!! I love Rapunzel's Tsum, she's got her lovely dress on:

And the details in her hair are so cute! I love her hair, it reminds me of Decora fashion, here's a pic from above the Tsum to show you:

And here are the two Pascal Tsums, one of him as normal and the other with his dress on! CUTE!!

Now I hadn't realised that they were also releasing an Easter themed Tsum set, so Mr surprised me when the parcel arrived! And how cute is it!!

It's a super cute yellow basket with little green gingham bows on either side of the handle to match the inside!

And who is inside?? 

Super Cuteness!!!

There's Minnie and Mickey Mouse dressed in pink and blue bunny outfits with ears:

And Eeyore dressed as a chick and Pooh dressed as a little fluffy lamb!

This is a super cute collection, which seems to have disappeared from the site(?) whether they have sold out or not I don't know, good job Mr was on the net before work!! So now we're all up to date with our recent TsumTsum purchases! Next up from the Disney Store is an Ultimate Spiderman collection:

It's another small collection that contains (from bottom left) Lizard, Venom, Green Goblin, Rhino and Spiderman!! This is out on 15th March, so if you want them you had better get on the store first thing, Mr will be!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!

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Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

I bought my first Tsum Tsum a few days ago - the Croc from Peter Pan. He had such a cute face I didn't want to leave him in the shop!

Dannie x

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