Friday, 4 March 2016

Our day out at the Tokyo Tower

Although we visited Japan back in October last year, we are still sifting our way through the thousands of photos we took during our trip! It's been so nice to look back at what we did, the places we visited and almost relive our trip, so I thought it would be nice to do a few more posts about it!

One place that you have to visit when in Tokyo is the famous Tokyo Tower!

Tokyo Tower is a 15-20 minute walk from the Hamamatsucho Station on the Yamanote Line and is well worth the walk! Right before you get to the Tower you come across the Zojoji Temple, here is a pic from our second visit to Tokyo:

When we visited this time they were setting up the Temple to host a citizen festival with tents and bands playing music, we caught a few minutes of this band warming up:

They were very good and even played a version of Master of Puppets by Metallica! Whoop Whoop!

We left them to carry on setting up their event and after passing on through the Temple area we  reached the Tower!

At the base of the Tower you can spot statues of the two Tokyo Tower mascots, Older Brother (in the blue) and Younger Brother (in the red), who together are called Noppon:

They were created to celebrate the Tower's 40th Anniversary! How cute are they!!

You can buy tickets to go up to the main observatory from the ticket office outside the bottom of the Tower, so once we grabbed our tickets we headed in!

There is a lovely coffee shop once you get to the main observatory where you can grab yourself a drink and enjoy the views over Tokyo. I grabbed us a seat with this view:

Nice wasn't it!! And then Mr came back to the table with these!

I had the ususal Pepsi while Mr grabbed a melon soda and a chocolate sundae (cause he just can't resist it!) I had a nibble of Mr's sundae as I got the taste for ice cream and cornflakes!

After taking in the view we headed back down to the main floors in the Tower which include a food court and market selling various tourist items and foods. There's even a stall selling Hello Kitty gotochi with this huge Kitty above it!

And theres a huge stall selling Tokyo Banana cakes!

If you ever visit Tokyo you have to try some!

Mr was happy to see the Mugiwara Store that accompanies the One Piece Tower indoor amusement park that's also at the foot of the Tower. He even pulled the same pose as Usopp does in this pic!

They do lots of Tower related items so if you like One Piece then you need to check it out! On our way out of the Tower we spotted one of the two Tokyo Tower mascots having photos with visitors, we even got a wave before we left:


By the time we arrived back at the Temple their Minato Citizen Festival was in full flow and it was full of music, people giving out information and I even spotted a stall where you could swap clothes! They also had.......MASCOTS walking round the festival!! 

How cute are they!! And all being used to give out information to the citizens attending the festival. I wish we had mascots wandering round our festivals like this!! As we made our way back to the Yamanote Line station we heard some really loud voices and came across this Idol radio show being held live!

We have no idea who the group was but they sat in the small road side studio answering questions from members of the public! Do you know who they were? if you recognise them drop us a comment!!

So that was our trip to Tokyo Tower! We highly recommend it, yes there is the Sky Tree to visit but there's a quaint friendly feeling at the Tower and as you can see from our visit, you never know what you're going to encounter!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!

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