Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Odaiba at Night ^^

Japan is very well known for its neon nights come sundown so when visiting you need to make sure you go on night adventures as well as day ones! As we were there in October last year, sunset was quite early in the evening which allowed us to venture about more and see sights we hadn't seen before. One place we were dying to see at night was Odaiba! Odaiba is a shopping and entertainment district based on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay and is very popular as a date destination! We headed there on an afternoon to paddle! We love paddling in the sea here in the UK and have managed to do it in San Francisco, and now Tokyo!! After paddling we dried off our feet and grabbed an ice lolly each:

Mr had a creme caramel ice dream and I had a Ramune ice lolly, and OMG it was GORGEOUS!! Why can't they sell them here!!!!!  Then we sat and watched the world pass us by:

As the sun started setting we moved over to the Decks Mall, which is where everyone goes to get pics of the Tokyo night skyline!

It was a little misty at that point so you couldn't see all of the buildings in the skyline but we got a really good view of the Rainbow Bridge. And yes, that is a minature Statue of Liberty in the pic! As the sun set, the mist left and the buildings in the skyline began to come alive!

All of the lights around us came on and the party boats that take passengers to the bay for food and drink arrived! They don't dock in the bay they just sit out in the Bay while passengers enjoy an evening of food and drink in an awesome setting!

You can even see on this next pic the orange glow of the Tokyo Tower just to right of the bridge:

After absorbing as much of the sights of Tokyo as we could, we moved over to the otherside of the island, the side where you can find the huge Gundam!

All of the tress surrounding the Gundam were all lit up with fairy lights, creating a real magical feeling around the life size Gundam, and as you approach it, he emerges from the trees:

He looks even more awesome at night all lit up! And the back is equally awesome:

Having seen him in the day and night, he looks so alive at night! Like he could just walk off into Tokyo!

The huge ferris wheel at Palette Town also lights up at night:

It displays a light show, constantly changing as you watch it, the rainbow colours are so beautiful, it's so worth staying in Odaiba for the evening!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!

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Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

Ahhhh! Your pictures <3 you're right, it really does look like the Gundam is going to start walking off at any moment!

Dannie x

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