Wednesday, 16 March 2016

FES☆TIVE - Susume Zipangu

The idol group FES☆TIVE releases its latest single, Susume Zipangu, today!

Check out the super cute and colourful video from this Tokyo-based idol group!

I especially like the Street Fighter style part! ^^

Mata ne!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Ruby Rose - The Gem in Shibuya 109!

Shibuya 109 is one of the most iconic stores to visit when in Tokyo. It's packed to the brim with little boutiques selling the latest fashions, accessories and cosmetics. And amongst all the little boutiques is a little boutique I have visited a few times while visiting Tokyo, it's called Ruby Rose.

Ruby Rose specialises in selling bejewelled accessories that any Kawaiister would love! I spotted it on my second visit to Tokyo on the 6th floor of 109 and bought a super cute item that made me go back the third time for more!

Starting with the accessories, here's what I picked up in October:

These are glittery hair clips that I found in my favourite colours, so just had to grab them! Who doesn't love hearts?! and hearts with wings!! They are super cute clips that add a touch of sparkle to any outfit! Being a HUGE HAIR BOW LOVER I just had to grab these cuties when I spotted them! They're little lace bows with even littler colourful balls and stars rattling round inside. 

They're really delicate and go really well with any decora look! I also picked up this cute bow which can also be worn as a brooch:

Not what I would normally buy but so cute I couldn't leave without it. I also picked up this clip that can also be worn as a brooch:

It's a big super cute fluffy star with little gems and bows on it! The fluffy material is striped with  pastel yellow and pink and is super Kawaii, think this will definitely be worn as a brooch to Kawaii up a dull work outfit! I also picked up this glittery lollipop clip:

Who doesn't love wearing candy in their hair! Now, at the beginning I said on my first visit I picked something up that was so Kawaii I just had to go back. That item was a super Kawaii bejewelled Sulley from Monsters Inc, as Ruby Rose also does bejewelled plushes that you can wear as an accessory!

Isn't he the most Kawaii thing you have ever seen?!?!?!?! He is covered in pink jewels and bows and I just had to grab him on my first visit!

From the side you can see his little pink skirt and rabbit plush that he is holding! Isn't he just adorable ><

I love how the jewels on his feet make it look like he's wearing some Kawaii shoes! And on this you can see that even his skirt has been decorated! Here's another side shot showing the jewels that come on the keyring, just to add a bit more bling!

So, this is what I bought during my first visit, and I really regretted not picking up this next item the first time, I was super happy she still had one of him available!

What's a Sulley without his Mike!! Isn't he the cutest eyeball monster you've ever seen!! He's even got twin bows on his head and kawaii shoes like Sully! A match made in monster heaven!

If you're ever in Shibuya 109 make sure you check out Ruby Rose, you'll find yourself some super Kawaii gems just like I did!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Odaiba at Night ^^

Japan is very well known for its neon nights come sundown so when visiting you need to make sure you go on night adventures as well as day ones! As we were there in October last year, sunset was quite early in the evening which allowed us to venture about more and see sights we hadn't seen before. One place we were dying to see at night was Odaiba! Odaiba is a shopping and entertainment district based on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay and is very popular as a date destination! We headed there on an afternoon to paddle! We love paddling in the sea here in the UK and have managed to do it in San Francisco, and now Tokyo!! After paddling we dried off our feet and grabbed an ice lolly each:

Mr had a creme caramel ice dream and I had a Ramune ice lolly, and OMG it was GORGEOUS!! Why can't they sell them here!!!!!  Then we sat and watched the world pass us by:

As the sun started setting we moved over to the Decks Mall, which is where everyone goes to get pics of the Tokyo night skyline!

It was a little misty at that point so you couldn't see all of the buildings in the skyline but we got a really good view of the Rainbow Bridge. And yes, that is a minature Statue of Liberty in the pic! As the sun set, the mist left and the buildings in the skyline began to come alive!

All of the lights around us came on and the party boats that take passengers to the bay for food and drink arrived! They don't dock in the bay they just sit out in the Bay while passengers enjoy an evening of food and drink in an awesome setting!

You can even see on this next pic the orange glow of the Tokyo Tower just to right of the bridge:

After absorbing as much of the sights of Tokyo as we could, we moved over to the otherside of the island, the side where you can find the huge Gundam!

All of the tress surrounding the Gundam were all lit up with fairy lights, creating a real magical feeling around the life size Gundam, and as you approach it, he emerges from the trees:

He looks even more awesome at night all lit up! And the back is equally awesome:

Having seen him in the day and night, he looks so alive at night! Like he could just walk off into Tokyo!

The huge ferris wheel at Palette Town also lights up at night:

It displays a light show, constantly changing as you watch it, the rainbow colours are so beautiful, it's so worth staying in Odaiba for the evening!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Rapunzel and Easter TsumTsums have arrived!!

This week saw the Disney Store release the super cute Rapunzel TsumTsum set AND a super Kawaii Easter basket packed with TSUMS! With Tuesday being the first one of the month, Mr jumped online to order our new set of Tsums, it's becoming a bit of a routine now haha. It was a small set this month with just 6 characters in the stack:

Here is the Rapunzel set with (from bottom left) Pascal, Mother Gothel, Pascal (in his dress), Maximus, Flynn and sitting on top, Rapunzel! Aren't they a cute little collection!! I love Rapunzel's Tsum, she's got her lovely dress on:

And the details in her hair are so cute! I love her hair, it reminds me of Decora fashion, here's a pic from above the Tsum to show you:

And here are the two Pascal Tsums, one of him as normal and the other with his dress on! CUTE!!

Now I hadn't realised that they were also releasing an Easter themed Tsum set, so Mr surprised me when the parcel arrived! And how cute is it!!

It's a super cute yellow basket with little green gingham bows on either side of the handle to match the inside!

And who is inside?? 

Super Cuteness!!!

There's Minnie and Mickey Mouse dressed in pink and blue bunny outfits with ears:

And Eeyore dressed as a chick and Pooh dressed as a little fluffy lamb!

This is a super cute collection, which seems to have disappeared from the site(?) whether they have sold out or not I don't know, good job Mr was on the net before work!! So now we're all up to date with our recent TsumTsum purchases! Next up from the Disney Store is an Ultimate Spiderman collection:

It's another small collection that contains (from bottom left) Lizard, Venom, Green Goblin, Rhino and Spiderman!! This is out on 15th March, so if you want them you had better get on the store first thing, Mr will be!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Star Wars TsumTsums!

Star Wars appears to be taking over the LITKL house with the recent additions being the TsumTsum collection released by the Disney Store in February! We are huge fans of the films, and since seeing the new film have had our love of the franchise grow hugely! As soon as we saw that the Disney Store was releasing these I tweeted and instagramed so that you could all get ready, and as soon as they launched Mr was on the internet ordering our set! Well, we actually bought two sets (><) they're just too cute to have in one place in the house so we bought a second to dot around our bedroom as well as our living room ^^

So, here's the set of small Tsums that the Disney Store released:

And aren't they just super cute!!! From the bottom (left to right) we have Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, Wicket, Yoda, C3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Leia and Han Solo! How adorable do they look all stacked up! I absolutely love this set of Tsums and so happy we bought two sets! The detail, as usual, is so good! Here are a few close ups to show you how good:

Luke is complete with his blue lightsaber and Leia has her trademark buns and dress on! Leia is super adorable!

And here is everyone's favourite droids, C3PO and R2-D2 (well until BB8 came along!). Their detail comes in the shiny material that's been used to create them, both have all the details from the movies and look awesome when stacked!

And here's Boba Fett! Everyone loves Boba Fett! He's got his little cape flying on the side of him and his little head set is also on display! For such little plushes they have achieved such awesome details, really doing the characters justice in how awesome they all are!

The Disney Store also released several characters in the various larger sizes, not all, but some, and when we saw them in the Store in Birmingham we just had to grab some! So here's what we got, Wicket, and Mr's favourite, Chewy!

They are awesome Tsums!! Chewy is so furry!!!! And they have all the details as well:

You can see Chewy's belt on the side and Wicket's little spear! Kawaii!!! And together they are all like one big happy family!

I love the TsumTsums we have for Star Wars so far but I really hope they release some for the new characters over the next year or so! Have you grabbed yourself any of the Star Wars Tsums? which ones are your favourites? And who else really wants a large Jabba????

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Our day out at the Tokyo Tower

Although we visited Japan back in October last year, we are still sifting our way through the thousands of photos we took during our trip! It's been so nice to look back at what we did, the places we visited and almost relive our trip, so I thought it would be nice to do a few more posts about it!

One place that you have to visit when in Tokyo is the famous Tokyo Tower!

Tokyo Tower is a 15-20 minute walk from the Hamamatsucho Station on the Yamanote Line and is well worth the walk! Right before you get to the Tower you come across the Zojoji Temple, here is a pic from our second visit to Tokyo:

When we visited this time they were setting up the Temple to host a citizen festival with tents and bands playing music, we caught a few minutes of this band warming up:

They were very good and even played a version of Master of Puppets by Metallica! Whoop Whoop!

We left them to carry on setting up their event and after passing on through the Temple area we  reached the Tower!

At the base of the Tower you can spot statues of the two Tokyo Tower mascots, Older Brother (in the blue) and Younger Brother (in the red), who together are called Noppon:

They were created to celebrate the Tower's 40th Anniversary! How cute are they!!

You can buy tickets to go up to the main observatory from the ticket office outside the bottom of the Tower, so once we grabbed our tickets we headed in!

There is a lovely coffee shop once you get to the main observatory where you can grab yourself a drink and enjoy the views over Tokyo. I grabbed us a seat with this view:

Nice wasn't it!! And then Mr came back to the table with these!

I had the ususal Pepsi while Mr grabbed a melon soda and a chocolate sundae (cause he just can't resist it!) I had a nibble of Mr's sundae as I got the taste for ice cream and cornflakes!

After taking in the view we headed back down to the main floors in the Tower which include a food court and market selling various tourist items and foods. There's even a stall selling Hello Kitty gotochi with this huge Kitty above it!

And theres a huge stall selling Tokyo Banana cakes!

If you ever visit Tokyo you have to try some!

Mr was happy to see the Mugiwara Store that accompanies the One Piece Tower indoor amusement park that's also at the foot of the Tower. He even pulled the same pose as Usopp does in this pic!

They do lots of Tower related items so if you like One Piece then you need to check it out! On our way out of the Tower we spotted one of the two Tokyo Tower mascots having photos with visitors, we even got a wave before we left:


By the time we arrived back at the Temple their Minato Citizen Festival was in full flow and it was full of music, people giving out information and I even spotted a stall where you could swap clothes! They also had.......MASCOTS walking round the festival!! 

How cute are they!! And all being used to give out information to the citizens attending the festival. I wish we had mascots wandering round our festivals like this!! As we made our way back to the Yamanote Line station we heard some really loud voices and came across this Idol radio show being held live!

We have no idea who the group was but they sat in the small road side studio answering questions from members of the public! Do you know who they were? if you recognise them drop us a comment!!

So that was our trip to Tokyo Tower! We highly recommend it, yes there is the Sky Tree to visit but there's a quaint friendly feeling at the Tower and as you can see from our visit, you never know what you're going to encounter!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!