Tuesday, 2 February 2016

One Piece - Mugiwara Stores

Being a big One Piece fan, I had to check out the Mugiwara Stores during our trip to Tokyo.  We visited two; the one at Tokyo Tower and the one in the Shibuya PARCO department store.

The Parco store features lots of One Piece themed decorations featuring Luffy, Chopper, Nami and other popular characters from the series:

Of course, no one goes there just for the decorations - it's all about the huge range of One Piece merchandise available, including lots of store-limited items!

The PARCO Mugiwara Store was celebrating its 3rd anniversary when we visited! We had to pick up a memento of this special occasion, so we chose a commemorative badge:

We picked up a few other badges, these are sold in special envelopes so you don't know what you're going to get:

Here's what we got:

We were quite lucky and got badges featuring Chopper and the Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi!

I picked out a sticker of one of my favourite characters, Franky:

For Halloween they had some limited edition One Piece Zombie magnets, we chose a Chopper one:

We also checked out their t-shirt section.  They had a special collaboration range with SR'ES Rainbow available, Pinkuiropixie picked out this Kawaii Perona design:

While I chose a Mugiwara logo shirt:

Pinkuiropixie picked out this cute pink and blue Chopper carabiner:

I picked up this Traflagar Law mini-backpack style bag:

As we bought this around the time of Trafalgar's birthday, we received a super cool gift art card!

As it was the PARCO store's anniversary they also gave us an awesome commemorative bag:

Around the outside of the PARCO store there were One Piece prikura and gachapon machines:

I tried my luck on one of the gachapon machines and got an awesome chibi-Zoro charm for my 3DS decora case!

The Mugiwara Store has a promotion where you get a loyalty card to collect stamps for certain amounts you spend.  Once you complete the cards you receive an art print of the wanted poster for that crew member.  While we there we completed the cards for Luffy and Zoro:

The Tokyo Tower store has a similar range of goods, but includes the gift shop for the Tokyo One Piece Tower attraction too.  We picked up this Zoro magnet for our collection:

I also chose this Tokyo Tower-limited charm:

The Tokyo Tower store also has a large range of charm straps that are normally limited to different parts of Japan.  We picked these featuring Zoro riding a giant stag beetle and Chopper hitching a ride on a garden eel!

Both of these stores are must visits for One Piece fans visiting Tokyo, so check them out!

Mata ne!

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Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

I love the Zombie Chopper magnet - it's still quite cute in a way!
You picked up some awesome things!

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