Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Valentines Tsums 2016

In my last post I showed you some of the new Tsums that arrived from America and the Disney Store. As well as the Lion King and expression Tsums that we bought from the Disney Store we also purchased their new Valentines TsumTsums!

They have two sets available to buy either online or in store, the first set we picked up was a Minnie and Mickey Mouse Valentines set:

Minnie has her trade mark bow and the centre is a heart, shes also wearing a red dress covered in white hearts with a white frilly skirt! She looks super cute! Mickey is dressed as Cupid, with red trousers covered in white hearts (to match Minnie's dress) and a set of white wings!

Here they are sharing a smooch:

You can see both outfits match with Mickey even having an embroided gold bow on his side to complete his Cupid look!

The other set that the Disney Store have available is the Valentines Day Chocolate Box set:

The box is a pinky colour with a red ribbon for a handle. Instead of black, each Tsum has brown on it to match the chocolate box theme, aren't they adorable! The back of the box shows what each Tsum is wearing:

I haven't removed mine from the box as I didn't want to damage the outfits and hearts on the side of them so here is an awesome pic of the Tsums from the Disney Store website:

How cute do they look!! Their outfits look like chocolate wrappers!! I'm super happy with the set. I know some people complain that it's the same characters in the box sets, but this contains Pooh and Piglet, who aren't in the big 8, so that does make a change, if that's what you like. Like I said, I left mine in the box as it makes a really nice display piece to go with the rest of our collection, which is rapidly growing!

The next set to come out at the Disney Store is the Guardians of the Galaxy as I mentioned in my last post, after that, on the first Tuesday in February they will be releasing a huge collection (13) for the new Disney film Zootropolis, here's a pic from their site showing you what they will look like:

Zootropolis is being released in March, so do you buy them before seeing whether you like the film and characters?! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

Ooooh these are so cuuuute <3 I don't know how I've resisted Tsums Tsums for so long!

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