Sunday, 17 January 2016

Kawaii Christmas 2015

Well, the festive period has come and gone, but we haven't had chance to tell you about our Kawaii haul from Christmas 2015, so here we go!

We had already decided that we were getting each other a New Nintendo 3DS - Pinkuiropixie asked for the Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer edition New 3DS:

While Mr asked for the metallic blue version, and a copy of Pokémon Conquest:

Of course, it wasn't going to stay just metallic blue - before Christmas Day was over Mr had decorated it with some B-SIDE LABEL stickers! The No Idol No Life sticker was his favourite that he picked up in Harajuku:

We both agreed a budget to buy some smaller presents as well so that we could have some fun surprises on Christmas Day!  Pinkuiropixie got some Animal Crossing Amiibo cards to go with her new game and console:

Next up was a triple-pack of Di Depux necklaces; a Harajuku kanji design and two different kawaii cloud pieces:

The pieces are all super cute and really well made!

Pinkuiropixie has been enjoying exchanging cute letters with her penpal, so Mr chose some Sanrio stickers to add to the ever-growing stationery drawer, some washi paper stickers featuring the Little Twin Stars and a Hummingmint set.

Pinkuiropixie had bought a 40th anniversary plush of Lala when we were at Puroland in 2015, but they didn't have the Kiki one... well, Mr tracked down the elusive plush as a Christmas surprise!

Next up was a starter set and two decks for the Sailor Moon card game:

It looks super Kawaii, we can't wait to play it!

Pinkuiropixie also received some Sailor Moon Cookie charms:

They look just like cookies with super detailed icing!

Finally, Pinkuiro got the second Harajuku Alta Disney Store limited TsumTsum box set:

This limited edition set includes Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Marie and Clarice!

Mr received a boost to his One Piece collection:

Yes, from Water Seven, through the whole of the Thriller Bark arc into Sabaody!

Next up was a creepy cute game from the same publisher as Sushi Go!, Monster Café:

We're looking forward to playing this fun looking game!

Mr's a big Stitch fan, so this awesome Funko Pop! vinyl figure was an ideal present:

We'd had an awesome time in the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo, so Pinkuiropixie tracked down a memento that we weren't able to get during our trip - a set of pin badges featuring the mascot for the Center, Pikachu cosplaying as Mega Charizard Y:

As you might know, Mr is a big Nico Yazawa fan, so Pinkuiropixie made sure to grab some LoveLive! gifts!  First up was a rubber charm Nico:

This went straight onto Mr's Nico Decora Zip on his 3DS case!

Finally Mr received a pair of LoveLive! Hako Vision boxes:

Of course, one had to feature Nico Yazawa, and the other features Hanayo Koizumi!  These 3D projection boxes are so much fun!  The Boxes feature songs by μ's as well as the mini idol units BiBi and Printemps.

We hope you had a fun, Kawaii filled Christmas too!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^
Pinkuiropixie and Mr


Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

Did you know I searched for this post so I could see which DS you had? I couldn't decide and thought I'd see which one you had! I ended up going for the normal New Nintendo 3DS as I wanted to be able to get some cover plates!

What is Pokemon Conquest like? Is it good? I seriously need a new Pokemon game.. I wish they would remake Red/Blue/Yellow!

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

Pokémon Conquest feels like Disgaea with a Pokémon/Samurai Warrior mash-up theme. It's fun, but it's not like the other Pokémon games (either main or Mystery Dungeon series).

They might not be remaking Blue/Red/Yellow... but they are going to be available as download purchase games in time for the 20th anniversary! Can't wait, I might buy Yellow (we've already got the original cartridges for Blue and Red!)


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