Thursday, 21 January 2016

Artist Review - TJ Lubrano

I became aware of the artist TJ Lubrano from a couple of games she has provided the artwork for (we'll be reviewing those games here soon!) - from following her on Instagram I heard about her Etsy store and when I saw that a collection of 'Tiny Tea Geishas' she had shown on Instagram were being made available for purchase, I knew I had to try and get one for our Kawaii home!

However, after seeing the original watercolour pieces available, I couldn't settle for just one! I ended up picking four:

These ladies are Mitsuko (top left), Kotatsu (top right), ChōChō (bottom left) and Chiyoha (bottom right).  Aren't they all adorable?  The photo doesn't do these original watercolours justice - they are absolutely beautiful and we are very, very happy to own this art.

But that's not all - also in the beautifully wrapped package was a beautiful gift - another original watercolour painting, this time it is of a 'Pinecone Elfling':

The Elfling is just too cute! The colours and detail in this painting are gorgeous.  Even the artist's business cards feature Kawaii art!

TJ Lubrano sells various pieces of original art in her store, as well as printables (high quality JPG images you can print yourself to decorate your home).  The buying experience was super smooth and TJ Lubrano is super-friendly and helpful - we really recommend you check out her store if you want to add a little Kawaii to your home!

Mata ne!


TJ Lubrano said...

Hi again!! Thank you SOOO very much again! I should say ありがとうございます!!Your write-up is so very lovely and kind. I'm still so very happy that I got to sent you those little ladies! I kept two of them myself and I think I only have 2 more left of them in my store. I have more Tea Geishas in my mind though and more Japan related art * is excited* I'm such a Japan-lover myself and currently learning the language! ^_^

Again, thank you! You totally made my day with this *bows* Have a gorgeous weekend!

Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

OOoh, they are super adorable! I need some prints for my room - I'll definitely be checking out her store!

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