Saturday, 31 December 2016

Our 2016 TsumTsum Advent Calendars

With Christmas over I thought it would be nice to share with you what came in our TsumTsum advent calendars. If you follow our Instagram you will have seen that we managed to get our hands on both the UK and the Japan limited calendars!

Here is what the UK calendar looked like before advent started:

And here is the Japan calendar! It was decorated on both sides with a normal front where the doors were:

And the back was a Christmas tree with the TsumTsum butts sticking out as the baubles on the tree!

We loved this touch, it's the small, detailed touches that we love about Japan! They're awesome at it!

Each day on both calendars was a Disney character dressed up for Christmas. Some wore festive outfits and come were cosplaying as reindeers or elves! Here is the fully opened UK advent calendar with all the characters on show:

And here is the fully opened Japan advent calendar with all the characters on show:

Although both have a lot of the same characters they are still very different! Here is Baymax who appeared in both calendars:

If you look closely you will see they are both wrapped in Christmas lights but they have been created differently! The Baymax on the right has 3D lights wrapped around him, this is the Japanese Tsum. The Baymax on the left has the lights embroided onto him, this is the UK Tsum. There was also a difference in the Christmas stars that were in the calendars:

Pluto is the Japanese Christmas star and Dumbo is the UK Christmas star, both are super cute but very different in appearance! One of my favourite TsumTsums was the very last Japanese Tsum, Mickey:

He's Father Christmas and came on a detached sled! How cute is he!? If you want to see all the individual TsumTsums head over to our Instagram account, I posted each day so you can see what we got.

We are so happy we got our hands on these advent calendars, they are expensive, the UK calendar was £80 and the Japanese calendar was 15,000 Yen but you are getting 25 limited Christmas TsumTsums in each so we felt they were worth the money. Especially if you are a TsumTsum collector! We have a special plan for all 50 TsumTsums for next Christmas, it's only 358 days away!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
Pinkuiropixie ^^

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Sushi Go Party! - Game Review

We've loved Sushi Go! for ages here at LITKL - check out our previous review to find out all about this fun card game.  Well, the publishers have released a new version - Sushi Go Party!

If you've played Sushi Go! the first thing you'll notice is the Board and player pieces (we love how the scoring track is designed to look like a kaiten-zushi restaurant conveyor belt!):

 The Nigiri are ready, but what are all those gaps in the centre of the board? Well, along with all the dishes from the classic Sushi Go!, this version introduces lots more options:

A nice feature of this version is the inclusion of the Soy Sauce cards that were previously a promo item for the original game.

Obviously, there are far too many options there to play in a single game, so you tailor your choices to suit - along with the standard Nirigi you pick one type of rolls (the original maki, or the new uramaki or temaki), three appetizers (from originals like tempura and dumplings to miso soup and tofu), two specials (chopsticks and wasabi from the original and new cards like the menu or the take-out box), and a dessert (the classic pudding or newcomers like green tea ice-cream or fruit).

The rulebook gives you a few suggestions, there's one designed for new players, one for gaming groups that like lots of ways to mess up their friends' plans, one for 6-8 players and the one we played, designed for 2 players.  You get card tiles to put into the holes on the game board:

There we are all set up to play!  It plays like the original game, but the new cards give all sorts of different tactics and options - gone was my wasabi-squid nigiri combo, or my favourite dumpling collection tactic - I had to find new ways to win!  As before, you play three courses (rounds) and try to get as many points as possible!  Here's what our meals looked liked for our first course:

You move your piece along the conveyor scoring track and then you have another two courses to try to score the most points.  We were fairly close throughout.

Here's the final course -I managed to sneak ahead to win by just two points!! 

64 points versus 62! That was close!!

If you liked the original Sushi Go! then you'll love Sushi Go Party! - it adds more players, a tailored suggestion for two players, lots more options and the same super Kawaii artwork that made the original so adorable.  We still love the original Sushi Go! - we view it now as our 'travel edition' game to take with us on trips/holidays - but this edition adds so many new options!

Mata ne!!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Cat Tower - Game Review

I'd wanted Cat Tower by the Taiwanese designer Aza Chen for ages, so leapt on the chance to back the kickstarter to bring it to gamers worldwide.

The story behind the game is that Catty Fatty has spied a fish hung up high to dry out.  Other cats gather and they come up with the idea of stacking on each others' backs to reach up high and get the delicious treat!

Each player is dealt seven cats and you are the winner if you are the first player to get rid of all cats from your hand:

The Kickstarter edition includes some special edition cats:

There's a Panda cat, a cat drinking the world-famous Taiwanese specialty Boba Tea and even a stowaway Chihuahua!!

The game also features Catty Fattys, which are far too big and important to stand up, so they stay lying down the whole time:

Players take it in turn to roll a special die, which tells you what action you have to perform that turn:

You set up the game area with a single cat, ready to start the tower, and there's a little bank of tokens (more on those later).

Pinkuiropixie went first - she rolled the single cat icon, so she added one of her cats to the Cat Tower:

On my turn I rolled the dried fish result, so I had to put my cat belly up on the Tower:

A little later Pinkuiropixie rolled the double cat icon - so she had to add two of her cats to the growing Tower:

It wasn't long before the Tower toppled!

Oh dear! When this happens the player who caused the fall has to take two of the cats back into their hand.  You tidy up then carry on playing.

Pinkuiropixie later rolled a cat paw icon.  When you roll this you choose one of the other players and give them one of your cats to put on the Tower - if they cause it to topple they have to take the penalty cats however!

I was in the lead - I only had one cat left and Pinkuiropixie had five.  I rolled a Catty Fatty icon:

This is where those tokens come in - when you place a Catty Fatty you choose a token to reveal.  These have all kinds of different effects, like making a player skip a turn and the one I turned over, All Cats Are Equal!

This was bad for me! When you reveal this token you take all cats in players' hands back and then distribute them equally - I'd gone from one to three cats and Pinkuiropixie had gone from five down to three! My lead was gone!

We carried on playing, Towers toppling and being rebuilt and here was the Tower a little later on:

Pinkuiropixie had two cats in her hand... and rolled the double cat icon!! If she could get these safely added to the Tower, she would win...

She did it! It's wonky, but it's the winning Tower!! Pinkuiropixie is the current LITKL Cat Tower Champion:

I'll win that belt (well, card) next time!

Our version of Cat Tower also came with two alternative dice to play different ways - Cat Tower Plus and Cat Tower Lite. These add new ways of playing and stacking those cute cats.

We really recommend Cat Tower - it's a fun game that has everyone laughing as they try to add to the growing, inevitably wobbly Cat Tower!  It's a great family-friendly dexterity game that's suitable for even younger gamers.

Mata ne!!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Japanese Mega Snack Attack! - The Savoury

My friend from Tsu-shi in Mie Prefecture sent us a rather large box of Japanese snacks.  I've already blogged about the sweets he sent, but there was too much stuff for one post, so here's the savoury items!

Kazu sent us some of his favourite cheesy snacks - the famous Cheeza crackers:

On the left is Camembert flavour(!) and on the right classic Cheddar Cheese.

He sent a popular snack by Calbee - the Jagarico Salad Potato sticks pot:

These potato sticks include carrot and parsley!

Another Calbee classic is the Kappa Ebisen, which was first released in 1964:

These shrimp flavoured snacks come in a line of bags that you tear off to eat.  The packaging features a cute Shrimp and Kappa family (complete with Kappa kids dressed as shrimp!)

Kazu included a tube of Chip Star crisps (like Pringles) - but these came in a fiery hot chili flavour!

Just look at the packaging, it's clear you have to be tough to take on that kind of snack!

Kazu included some traditional style sauce-coated crackers:

The packaging is really cute, featuring people playing traditional instruments.

Finally on the crisp and cracker front Kazu included a selection of Umaibō:

These are like giant wotsits or cheetos, but in a wide variety of flavours! Here are Corn Potage, Vegetable Salad, Salami and Cheese versions - but they also do Beef Tongue, Natto and Tonkatsu Sauce flavours amongst others!

Kazu is a big curry fan, so he had to include some Japanese style curry for us to try.  He sent us a Pokémon curry - he said that because it is aimed at kids it will be mild for us to start with!!

It even came with a promo card for the Pokémon card game! Wish food here came with promo stuff like that...

Kazu also enjoys instant noodles as a quick meal or snack, so he sent us his favourite, UFO Yakisoba:

This big bowl comes with pork, cabbage, pickled ginger and seaweed - Kazu even sent me step by step instructions on how to make this perfectly (he takes his instant noodles seriously!)

Kazu also included some of the famous Cup Noodle brand - Chili Tomato flavour this time:

The final noodles Kazu included were the Pikachu Pokémon ones:

This is a soy-broth flavoured instant noodle, that comes with onion, corn and Pikachu-design kamaboko discs (a fish product). You might remember us seeing these in a Pokémon Center:

But that's not everything Kazu sent us, hiding at the bottom of the parcel was this...

Yes, a can of Japanese white peaches! I asked Kazu and he told me that it was one of his favourites so he'd included some for us to try!

I certainly wasn't expecting Kazu to send all the stuff he did when he asked to send me some snacks - I was just thinking a pack of Pocky or something would have been really generous to send us!

Mata ne!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Blind Bags!!

Who doesn't love a cute blind bag!! We popped into our local comic store in Birmingham and they have a huge stock of different blind bags so we just had to pick a few up! They are a cute and cheap way to get hold of kawaii figures, or in this case, keyrings!

Mr picked up a Disney series blind bag and I picked up a TsumTsum blind bag. We also couldn't resist getting a Disney Villains blind bag!! Here's what was up for grabs in each bag:

Mr was up first, and he got..........

PUMBA!!! Mr did annouce what he got by singing "When I was a young warthogg!" very loud haha. Next up in my TsumTsum bag I got..........

ALICE!!!! I couldn't think of a song for my Tsum haha The last bag was the Villains bag and in that was........

Dr Facilier! How cute is he!! All three keyrings are really good quality and are quite big, Mr said he's putting his on his DS case, now where shall I put mine????

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!
Pinkuiropixie ^^

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Rain Clouds to brighten up your home!

We love grabbing little bits and pieces that can help make our home even more cute! One place we have found that has gems of cuteness, and a store I have blogged about before is Tiger. When we popped in last week we found these super cute door hooks:

They come in two sizes and were really cheap, only a few pounds each! They come in black but if you are a crafty person you could easily paint these to any colour to suit your home colour scheme. The hooks look like rain drops which is a nice touch. We bought a few of these in both sizes and they have added a nice touch of cuteness around the house. Wonder what they will have next time we visit ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!
Pinkuiropixie ^^

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Yo-kai Watch 3DS Themes

There are some new 3DS themes available in the Nintendo Theme Shop - this time from Yo-Kai Watch!

First up is a theme featuring the cat-robot Yo-kai, Robonyan:

The theme features special music and sound effects featuring Robonyan.

Oh My Swirls!! Next up is the ice-cream loving Komasan:

Komasan's eyes move as you scroll and he lets out a surprised noise when you open software!

Finally is Komasan's brother Komajiro:

Komajiro also talks when you open software or exit sleep mode and his eyes move as you scroll too.

Through my.nintendo you can get a Jibanyan theme for only 100 platinum points! Well, I just couldn't resist:

Nintendo have also released a new Yo-kai Watch puzzle for the Puzzle Swap at the Mii Plaza!

Mata ne!!