Tuesday, 8 December 2015

TsumTsum Christmas Wreath ^^

You might have seen our Decora Christmas Trees that we've decorated with TsumTsums - well, Disney Store Japan released a special TsumTsum Christmas Wreath this year and we just had to track one down from a reputable seller! It arrived today and it's super cute:

The wreath itself is a plush, and it has 6 holes filled with the Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale Tsums that come with it. These are all removable, so you could customise which Tsums sit in the wreath if you wanted!  These Tsums are all wearing festive clothing - and as a bonus they are different designs to both the UK/US and Japan normal Christmas Tsums! Chip and Dale in particular look super Kawaii in their snowman suits! ^^

As you'd expect, the wreath and Tsums are the high quality you'll be used to with TsumTsums - the details are adorable, from Donald and Mickey's Santa beards to the bows on Minnie and Daisy's hoods!

Mata ne!