Friday, 13 November 2015

Ueno Zoo

Ok, so zoos aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if you do like zoos then Ueno Zoo is a great place to spend a day learning about all sorts of different animals - and they have plenty of kawaii creatures too!

Ueno Zoo is in Ueno Park, which is right next to Ueno Station (notice a pattern there?!) on the Yamanote Line.  As well as the Zoo, the Park also has museums and temples you can visit - it even has its own Kōban! (little police station)

Ueno Park is famous for its Sakura, so it's no surprise that the mascot for the Park is themed after Cherry Blossoms! ^^

It's really easy to find the zoo as you walk through the park, and soon you'll come to the main gate:

You buy your tickets and then you can go straight in!

Yes, that's right - it's only ¥600 to go in! That's really good value for money!

As you've passed by the ticket gates you are greeted by a super kawaii statue of a Panda family - it's a popular photo spot for people visiting the Zoo!

Of course, the main attraction for many visitors is the Giant Pandas!

Ueno Zoo has a pair of Giant Pandas; Līlī the male and Shinshin the female.  They seemed very relaxed and comfortable and were eating and lounging around! As their enclosures were large, with glass fronts it was easy for the crowds to all get to see these super cute animals!

Aren't they adorable?!

Of course, the Zoo has a few gift shops, so we decided to buy a Panda themed magnet set for our collection as a keepsake of our visit:

Ueno Zoo has lots more animals to see - there's a specially designed pool area for the Sea Lions.  These guys were so playful! They loved swimming by the windows!

The Prairie Dogs were super kawaii; every so often one of them would give a little yip and the rest would answer the call!

The Llama was a popular attraction, maybe people mistook is for an Alcapasso?!

The Zoo also includes Japan's first monorail - which you can use to get from one half of the Zoo to the other (there's also a foot bridge).

We headed to the West Garden area and before we carried on exploring we decided to grab some lunch - a mix of Japanese style chicken!  It even came in a cute box!

After refuelling we carried on our way, saying hello to lots of animals!  Next up we saw a flock of pink flamingos!

Then we chanced upon feeding time for the Rhinocerouses! They were loving their veggies!

Next door to the Rhinos was this cheeky Hippopotamus having a paddle!

In this area of African animals, we also met the Giraffes.  These gentle giants are so cute!

Before heading to the indoor area, we said hello to the Shoebill Stork - one of the Zoo's famous inhabitants (they even put it on postcards!)

There were lots of small creatures and nocturnal creatures in the indoor area.  First up we saw these guys:

Next we saw the Meerkats:

Finally we saw the Armadillos who were running around:

Having seen all the animals we decided to get the monorail back to the exit, the view over the Zoo and Tokyo was amazing!

If you like Zoos we really recommend Ueno Zoo! It's a great value day out in Tokyo and there's lots of fun and cute animals to see and learn about!

Mata ne!

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