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Tokyo DisneySea!

We hadn't managed to visit Tokyo DisneySea on our previous visits, but when we saw how they were celebrating Halloween we just knew we had to go this time round! Tokyo DisneySea isn't like any of the other parks we have visited before, it's centred around a Mediterranean Harbour, with 7 areas each with their own distinctive theme!

To get to DisneySea you have to take the Disney monorail from Maihama Station, which they had decorated for Halloween!

It featured Lilo as a witch and Stitch (Mr's favourite!) in a spooky theme!

Once you get off the monorail there is a viewing area where you can see into the entrance of the park:

You can see the Mediterranean theme as soon as you enter the park! After waiting in the extremely well organised queue we entered Tokyo DisneySea, and waiting just inside the gates was...MINNIE!!

There was a large brass band playing Disney songs and Minnie and Mickey dancing alongside them, it gave visitors a great place to get pics!

Here's Mickey busting some moves ^^. As we headed further into the park you could see that they were going all out with their Halloween theme, Disney Villains!!

We loved the theme and my top was getting lots of attention! If you haven't seen my coord from Instagram here's what I wore:

A very Disney Villians themed coord!! ^^ There were some large shops in this area packed full of Halloween items and Disney Sea themed items so we headed inside. The first thing you MUST buy when in a Disney park is your head wear! I picked the Minnie Mouse Halloween ears:

They feauture an elaborate hat, you will see later in the post how Minnie wears hers ^^ One of the special Halloween ranges featured Minnie Mouse as a Witch and Mickey Mouse as a Vampire:

How super cute are they!! Each also had a little catch phrase on the merchandise, with Mickey Mouse saying "I don't bite", here is a pass holder that Mr bought to use with his Suica card:

And Minnie Mouse said "I do magic", here is a top I purchased with Halloween Minnie on the front:

And her catch phrase on the back:

We also picked up the special Halloween magnet, as we love covering our fridge in magnets from places we visit:

You can see here Minnie wearing the hat that matches my ears! You'll see a bit more of this outfit at the special Disney Parade!

If you're a regular reader you will know I'm a Disney Pin collector so just had to pick up the limited edition pin as well!

I also picked up a plush of my new favourite Villain, Maleficent!

You don't normally see merchandise for the villains so I just had to grab this. After a spot of shopping we headed out to the main area which as I said at the start, is Mediterranean Harbour:

Here is where the main Disney Parade/Show takes place. Even though we arrived for the park opening, people were already sitting in places waiting to see it! And it wasn't scheduled for another 4 hours!

The next area we came to (we appeared to walk the opposite way to most other visitors) was the Mysterious Island area which featured 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Centre of the Earth:

The next area was the one I was looking forward to the most, the Mermaid Lagoon ^^ And it was beautiful!

This is Triton's Kingdom!! HOW SUPER KAWAII IS IT!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't mind this being my underwater home!! ^^ after calming down, we went inside and were greeted by the King himself:

Inside his castle is a Kindgom full of rides and attractions:

It's all indoors and there's even a special Ariel's Playground for little children. Once you work your way through the rides there is a shop, but it's not just any shop...

Yes, it's a whale!! Here you can find items themed on the Little Mermaid, I picked up some super cute plushes:

And a nano block set of Ariel:

Next to the shop is Sebastien's Calypso Kitchen where you can order sea-themed food and this super cute dessert that Mr got so I could have the cup!

Flounder is my favourite character so I was super happy with my new cup!

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^

After exploring the inside, you can head outside where there are more rides in the Mermaid Lagoon themed around characters from the film, including Scuttle:

The next area in the park is the Arabian Coast:

This area is based on the film Aladdin and has rides and shops inside:

As it was so warm we stopped for a break here and treated ourselves to an ice lolly! I had the Mickey Mouse tropical fruit lolly, which is super delicious!!

Mr had a Minnie Mouse peach and raspberry ice lolly which he says was very nice!

Once we had demolished our ice lollies we headed into the shop, here I bought another Disney Pin:

This was to celebrate the 14th Anniversary of the DisneySea park which happened earlier in September. Another one for my collection! On our way to the next area we bumped into Rajah!

The whole park carries the theme of water and you're never far from it:

The next area is the Lost River Delta, which has a jungle theme and features the Indiana Jones ride! 

We carried on through to the futuristic Port Discovery area:

Some of the attractions were under maintenance so we picked up some super cute water before moving onto the final area:

Yep, even the water is cute! The final area is the American Waterfront, the first part you walk into in this area is Duffy themed! With shops full of Duffy items and Duffy decorations around the street:

On your way from here to the main area you get a glimpse of the huge SS Columbia:

This is docked alongside the main square in the American Harborfront and is where they host a very special musical hosted by Lumière from Beauty and the Beast. You are first greeted by Mickey Mouse who is all dressed as the Captain of the ship and he invites you to sit and watch the show. 

The show is called A Table is Waiting and is reminisent of the song in Beauty and the Beast where Lumière presents Belle her dinner ^^ 

Dancers dressed as food and cutlery grace the stage and accompany each of the big 8 as they sing a song each! First up were Chip and Dale:

They were dressed in ponchos and sombreros and sang about mexican food ^^ They were then joined on stage by Donald Duck:

Daisy Duck continued the food theme by being presented on stage as a spice girl as they sang Spice Up Your Life:

Next up was Pluto:

Followed by Goofy who sang about a Japanese bento!

The show was rounded off with Minnie and Mickey taking the stage dressed in dessert outfits:

The show was awesome and a great way for visitors to see all of the big characters:

You didn't even have to get a seat to see the show, there was plenty of space to stand and the show is performed several times a day!

After the show we took a walk around the main square which was fully dressed for Halloween with lampposts covered in villain penants:

And a Villains Halloween Party in the Sailing Day Buffet restuarant:

They also had a large Halloween display in the centre of the square that you could queue up and have your photo taken in front of:

The food stands were also Halloween themed with Mr buying this purple sweet potato cake:

And popcorn stands selling these limited Mr Potato Head popcorn buckets:

The American Waterfront also has a Toy Story area with shows and rides:

The show is Mr Potato Head!

Having finished exploring the American Waterfront we made our way back to the Harbour where the main Halloween parade was going to take place. I call it a parade but it's really a huge boat show including all of the big 8 (and Clarice), as well as dancers placed all around the water. We were lucky enough to visit while the hugely popular The Villians World was being shown! And it was AMAZING!!! The best I have seen at a Disney park!! 

Each Villian had a specially themed boat and were teamed with one or more of the big 8 characters. The first boat out is Maleficent, MY FAVOURITE!! 

She starts the show on her own but is soon joined by Ursula!! The next boat out was Jafar:

You can see from the front of his boat, the whole boat was themed around each villian and looked awesome!!

Next up was Hook!

Again, you can see his boat has a huge silver hook on it and at the front is his sidekick Smee! The next boat was the Evil Queen:

And last was Ha Ha Hades! (all will be explained below)

How awesome are their boats!! The show lasted 25 minutes and wherever you were in the Harbour you saw the show. The boats moved around the whole time as each Villain sung a song. We did get some footage of the show but it does not do it justice! So rather than show you a few clippets from our footage, I have found an awesome full show video by The Duffy Channel on Youtube. If you are a Disney fan, this is a video you just have to watch! I have never been so impressed!!

Enjoy ^^

The show finished with all the big characters getting onto Maleificent's boat and sailing away:

As the sun went down the lights came on and it was worth stopping to see the whole park lit up at night! Once the sun had fully set we did another lap of the park, taking in the awesome views of the areas we had visited through the day. I couldn't wait to see Triton's Castle lit up and it was better than I imagined!

It had twinkly lights all over it! How beautiful does it look! And you can see Ariel on her rock in the bottom of the pic! Here's a few pics of the rest of the park all lit up:

Before we left we sat and watched the volcano at the harbor erupt!

It's a little fuzzy but IT'S A VOLCANO ERUPTING!! ^^

So that was our day at DisneySea! We had an awesome day and seriously recommend it to any Disney fans visiting Tokyo! It's a very different experience from Tokyo Disneyland and definitely worth your day! Make sure you come back to see our days at Puroland and Tokyo Disneyland ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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