Saturday, 21 November 2015

Tokyo Disneyland!

We'd already visited Tokyo DisneySea earlier in our holiday, but we didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to Tokyo Disneyland so we'd planned a trip there too! Once again we headed to Maihama Station:

This time we didn't need to get the monorail, as Tokyo Disneyland is just a short walk from the station.  Being part of Tokyo Disney Resort, even the walkway is super cute!

The park was decorated for Halloween, and the main area in front of the famous castle had lots of Kawaii decorations:

The iconic castle at Tokyo Disneyland is beautiful and it looked even better on such a nice day!

One of the awesome features of this particular castle is that it contains an attraction! Yes, if you visit Cinderella's Fairy Tale Hall you can go up into the pink castle! <3

After waiting in the queue, you get to the special elevator:

The elevator goes up and you come out in a beautiful room high up in the castle!  The room is decorated so you feel you've stepped straight into a fairy tale!

It's a walk through attraction, and there's lots of different animatronic scenes telling Cinderella's story for you to enjoy:

You exit to the outside of the castle, but not on the ground! You get to walk down the castle stairs with an opportunity to get some awesome views of the castle!

One of the fun things to do in Disneyland is enjoy some of the cute snacks!  Mr's favourite is the Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich - choc chip ice cream in a soft cookie sandwich - nom!

Mr has had these every time we've been to Tokyo Disneyland!!  (he might be obsessed!!)

In Tomorrowland there is the Space Place FoodPort which specialises in Stitch themed items! First up Mr got the Stitch popcorn bucket (with a popcorn voucher...which he cashed in for some honey popcorn from Pooh's popcorn wagon!):

We also got these little Stitch containers...

and what was in them?? Sweet Scrump dumplings with fruity fillings!

There were some Halloween special snacks available while we were there - Mr tried the super Kawaii raspberry and white chocolate Minnie pumpkin cookie:

He liked it that much he had a second one before we left!!

Mr had bought a special Birthday Passport for Pinkuiropixie - which meant some special birthday presents! A special Mickey plush, a birthday medal (which means lots of the staff wish you a happy birthday!) and a birthday photo frame:

As it was Halloween there was a special parade, featuring lots of Disney's most popular characters. ^^

First up was Minnie's super cute float:

Minnie was all dressed up in her Halloween dress!

Next up came Daisy Duck:

Then it was Clarice's turn to join the fun:

Goofy and Max were next:

Then came the main mouse himself, Mickey:

Of course, Mickey's never far from his pal Pluto!

Mr was super excited to see Stitch and Angel on a float - and Stitch even pointed at Mr in the crowd and waved! It must have been the Stitch popcorn bucket!! ^^

On the back of Stitch's mad scientist themed float were Chip and Dale!

Next up came Pooh and his friends Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore! They were all in fancy dress for Halloween! Piglet was super cute as an autumn leaf!

At the next part of the parade the floats stopped to let the dancers become the focus - we were near these trick or treat style dancers:

The dancers were really good and told a story about sweets turning evil!  When they'd finished, Donald Duck came next:

Donald was joined by his nephews and his friends from The Three Caballeros on his music themed float:

The parade was really fun with lots of characters, dancers and specially themed floats! We love Disney parades! <3

Later in the day there was a special night time parade -  Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: DreamLights.  This parade is lit up with millions of lights and features lots of characters, including ones that you don't see in parades very often! Check out DuffyChannel's awesome video of the parade:

Before we left for the night we grabbed a cup of tea and shared some Disney pastries - a Mickey cream bread:

A Mickey shaped double chocolate muffin:

and finally a Mike melon pan!

Of course, we did a bit of shopping while we were there - we've already posted about the Disney fashion we got - but we also got a couple of other small things.  First up we got some magnets for our collection - a Tokyo Disney Resort one and some Minnie's Sweets ones:

Mr also got a Mike tin from the Monsters, Inc. area - this was filled with milk and melon chocolates:

On the top is Mike's eye!

It's so cute!! <3

Tokyo Disneyland is an awesome place to visit - it's got lots of rides, attractions, fun souvenirs and snacks to buy and when we were visiting there were three different parades!! There's so much to see and do you easily fill a whole day in the park and before you know it the sun has gone down!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Pinkuriopixie and Mr

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