Saturday, 14 November 2015

Takeshita Dori Special!

As you might already know, we love Harajuku; it's the undeniable centre of Kawaii culture worldwide!  The most famous part of Harajuku is, of course, the Takeshita Dori!

This bustling street has shops on both sides - clothes, fashion, accessories, sweets, cafés and restaurants all selling kawaii and fashionable items! It's a Kawaiister's heaven!

Most people arrive at Harajuku Station - Takeshita Dori is just over the road from the station exit/entrance, so it's impossible to miss!  Very near this end of Takeshita Dori is a great value store selling jewellery and hair accessories called Paris Kid's.

Pinkuiropixie picked up a couple of rings and a bracelet - aren't they just perfect for the Decora look?

Also near to the station end of the street is a Claire's Accessories store - yes, Claire's Accessories!! They even have some 'Harajuku Limited' items, like this The Little Mermaid bag:

Claire's Accessories in Japan also reflected some of the tastes in street fashion there - these included scrunchies and ranges offered in 6 or so different colours (so a group of friends can each choose a colour as their own and they can still have a unified style - or the 'Idol method' as Mr called it!).  Pinkuiropixie picked up some scrunchies in cute colours, the blue and purple one is very Sulley!, and two super cute star bracelets in pink and blue:

As you carry on down the street you'll see lots of cool shops and places to get snacks!  Here's a few of the sights you'll see on the Takeshita Dori and its side streets as you carry on browsing:

It's such a colourful place, just spending time browsing stores and people watching is so much fun!

There's a building called Harajuku Alta which houses lots of cute brands, including the Harajuku branch of the Disney Store.

The Alta also has a Swimmer shop, which includes a Choco Choco area for some sweet treats!

We picked up some of the chocolatey treats:

The first is pumpkin flavoured (of course!), the middle one is a chestnut flavoured ghost and the rabbit is strawberry!  Aren't they super kawaii?!

Of course, we couldn't just get the treats, Pinkuiropixie chose a sweetie themed folding brush and a pair of cute pastel winged heart earrings from Swimmer:

Another large centre of kawaii on the Takeshita Dori is the Cute Cube:

The Cute Cube is the home of shops like Spinns (great for some good value Japanese street fashion!) and the Pom Pom Purin Café:

It's also got a Vivitix, where Pinkuiropixie decided on a couple of Harajuku limited edition phone cases featuring Kuromi and the Little Twin Stars:

Kuromi is wearing a Gothic Lolita outfit and is surrounded by Wonderland inspired items, while Kiki and Lala are featured in a pastel design.

Another shop in the Cute Cube is Osewaya, which has a wide range of handmade jewellery and accessories.  We bought this Sailor Moon inspired set of earrings:

We spotted a long queue at the Totti Candy Factory:

What was so popular?!

Giant freshly made candy floss (cotton candy)!! Everyone was having pictures taken with the candy as a kawaii hat!!  Of course, we couldn't resist trying it!  Before we chose our candy floss, we were shown through a small archway (really small - Mr had to almost crawl!) to a pick and mix candy section!

We chose some sweets and then returned to the main area to get our candy floss.  You pick from a multi-language menu and they make it in front of you - here's ours being made:

Here's our candy floss - isn't it cute?

And if that's not enough sweetness for you, there are lots of crepe stalls dotted around the Takeshita Dori.  This time Mr went to Santa Monica crepes:

He chose a mega brownie, custard, banana, cream (and more!) crepe:

There's so many to choose from it can be a bit daunting at first - but if you aren't confident you can always take a picture with your phone of the one you want and show it to the friendly staff at the crepe stand.

As we were returning to the station, we spotted a Kuchipatchi!!

We went to check it out; it's just off the entrance to the Takeshita Dori.  Kuchipatchi was letting people know about the TamaDepa store!!

The store had all sorts of Tamagotchi goods (including the newest models of the Tamagotchi toys).  Mr picked a Kuromametchi keyring, while Pinkuiropixie chose Kiraritchi and Lovelitchi versions.  Pinkuiropixie also chose two items that are limited to the Harajuku TamaDepa - a Harajuku fashion themed bag and a special Harajuku Lovelitchi plush! <3 Super kawaii!

We love spending time on the Takeshita Dori; there's just so much to see and do there!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Pinkuiropixie and Mr

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