Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sanrio Shopping - Gift Gate and Vivitix

You can find lots of Sanrio items when walking around Tokyo, but two chain stores you may want to keep an eye out for are Sanrio Vivitix:

and Sanrio Gift Gates!

Both stock Sanrio items, some are the same but some are very different!

We were lucky enough to have a Gift Gate at the end of the street where we were stopping in Tokyo and it's become a bit of a tradition to check it out on our first night in Tokyo! There are so many items! Clothing, accessories, stationery, luggage and home items! With limited space in our luggage we stuck to the smaller items and with Halloween having taken over Tokyo, I just had to grab this plush collection!

Here is Cinnamoroll and Pom Pom Purin all dressed up for Halloween, Pom Pom Purin even has a cute moustache!

And here is My Melody and Hello Kitty! Don't they look super Kawaii in their Halloween dresses! And I love their cute hair bows!!

When we were buying these the server gave us a free head band with Kitty on it!

Luckily it made it home in our suitcase! While at the Gift Gate I also bought these Sanrio Mame Petit plushes, I had seen them online but had spending restrictions on me leading up to our holiday so I'm glad I managed to grab them while they were still available!

I love how Gudetama is sitting on his egg white! Super cute! ^^ I also bought this Little Twin Stars flask to use over the winter:

This is going to keep me feeling super Kawaii even in the cold! At the end of our trip, the Gift Gate had changed up their front display to a super Kawaii wintery Cinnamoroll range:

As a HUGE fan of hoodies, I couldn't help but buy the Cinnamoroll hoodie!

It's super cute and a gorgeous shade of purple! And I love how the hood has Cinnamoroll's ears on it!

I can't wait to wear this during the wintery months!! So that was what I bought from the Gift Gate! Like I said, Vivitix sells some of the same ranges but it's definitely worth popping into as they do sell some different ones as well. When we popped into the Vivitix store in Odaiba I picked up another hoodie ><

It's a Hello Kitty hoodie and covered in her famous bow!!!

And the back is just as Kawaii as the front! 

It's a long hoodie so will keep me nice and snug on cold days and nights!! Another thing you find at Vivitix and Gift Gates are prize raffles! They generally feature items that you can't get any other way than to buy a ticket!! As it was Halloween they had a super cute range featuring Hello Kitty and pumpkins! I bought a ticket and won a set of table place sets!

How cute is Kitty with a pumpkin on her butt! ^^ The best thing about these raffles is that you always win something so you're never disappointed!

If only we had these stores here in the UK!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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