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Puroland Part 2 - 40th Anniversaries!

If you're a Sanrio fan you will know that three characters celebrate their 40th Anniversaries this year, My Melody, Kiki and Lala! Knowing this we couldn't wait to see how they were celebrating this at Puroland and we weren't disappointed!

To celebrate My Melody's 40th Anniversary Puroland converted the Cinnamonroll Cafe to the My Melody Dream Cafe!

Everything from the tables

to the counter had been changed to celebrate My Melody!

The whole area had hints of My Melody!

Even the menu had changed to feature My Melody goodies and we couldn't wait to go in and try some!


And this is what we picked! 

Mr had a yummy tart and an iced cocoa, both decorated for Halloween! ^^ I had petits fours which were mini cakes dipped in chocolate and decorated with cream ^^ I also has a strawberry milkshake. They were both super Kawaii and tasted so yummy!

Next to the Cafe was a little photo area where you could pose for pics with My Melody. There was also a little interactive screen, which if you stood in the right spot, displayed you wearing her hat!

Puroland had also converted an area of the upstairs into My Melody's apartment and a 40th Anniversary shop.

When we first entered the area we saw a little My Melody themed house/apartment set out for visitors to see. First up was her sitting area and storage area:

Then there was a little picnic area and summer bench:

After seeing her living area you entered the anniversary shop which was packed to the rafters with anniversary goodies! After a good look around (and with limited space in my luggage!) I decided on a over sized acrylic bag charm as a memento of the occasion!

Being a huge Little Twin Stars fan I was super happy to be there for their anniversary! Puroland opened several areas to celebrate their anniversary. The first was an interactive attraction called Twinkling Tour!

After queueing up we entered a circle room with seating and a screen at the front. The walls were covered in super cute Kiki and Lala portraits:

Once the room was full, the doors closed and the lights dimmed and there they were, Kiki and Lala telling the story as to how they ended up on earth ^^

It was the most Kawaii thing I've watched! Once they had finished a second set of doors opened and we entered a large interactive area full of mini games and photo spots. The first area had a star that you could wind up and characters popped out the top onto the wall and flew around! Here are a couple of videos of it:

Next was this super cute crescent moon which you could sit on and pose for pics, the staff were super helpful and would take a pic for you:

Dotted round were these super cute characters:

The light in the room continually changed displaying all the colours of the rainbow, you may have noticed the changes in the pics above. Everything looked like it had been made out of a fluffy cloud!

And here was a super cute water fountain: 

They even had some special Halloween decorations to fit the theme:

After walking through this area you come to the best part! Kiki and Lala's home!

Doesn't it look like the most Kawaii home ever!!!!! Here's some close up pics of their home; here's their front door ^^

And their bath tub!!! HOW SUPER KAWAII!!!!

Here's their kitchen!

And someone has been baking!!

Their little dining area:

Their dressing area:

If only real furniture could be this Kawaii!! 

The last area on the tour was an interactive game which you stood in front of a screen catching stars falling from the sky! Here is Mr giving it a go!

The tour was super Kawaii, a must if you are visiting Puroland soon! Even the walls were covered in Kawaiiness:

There were two Kiki and Lala shops in Puroland. One was at the end of the tour but the main anniversary one was back by the entrance. While we were walking through the tour shop we spotted a magnet and just had to buy it for our collection!

They had created an area for Kiki and Lala next to the My Melody cafe and shop that contained a photo spot area and shop. 

While we were waiting for the shop to open we walked though the photo area and it was full of kawaii photo opportunities!! The first was a large wall featuring a 40th Anniversary design:

They had even created a third seat on the wall for you to sit on and pose just like you were floating in the sky with the Little Twin Stars! They also had this super cute display:

As soon as the shop was open we headed inside:

The shop was as Kawaii as their home with Little Twin Stars illustrations all over the shop:

They had soooooo much to buy in the shop, but with limited space to bring things home I stuck to what I thought was best! First up is this 40th Anniversary print tote:

This is so pretty and I just love the pattern on the bag itself. The back is branded Sanrio Puroland:

Next I picked up this super cute accessory tin that also has the anniversary design on it:

They had a second range of anniversary goods that were just too cute to not buy! Here is my new Little Twin Star wallet:

The super cute rainbow design spans the whole wallet:

Being Decora I just couldn't pass this range up! It's so bright and rainbow coloured it will go with all of my outfits! Next I bought the pass holder in the same range:

I bought it to use it while I was there but couldn't bring myself to as I didn't want to get it messed up! >< Fingers crossed they bring in similar passes here where I live so I can use it! ^^ Next I picked up this cute mini bag:

I just love how it's star shaped! I can use this on date nights with Mr. Saving the best for last (in this range) is my new SUPER KAWAII carousel bag:

I can't tell you how much I love this bag! It's super high quality and was worth the hassle of getting it into our suitcase!! Here is the design on the other side of the bag:

It displays a little verse about the Little Twin Stars and where they came from <3 

They had a few other ranges in the shop including a few items from the Care Bears collaboration. I managed to pick myself up a shirt from the range:

I also picked up this cute Lala plush:

This adorable phone charm:

And to celebrate our anniversary Mr treated me to this beautiful special bag charm:

Here is a close up:

I may just have to convert this into a necklace! ^^ 

To celebrate both anniversaries Puroland created a special parade called Omoiyari To You. The parade sees My Melody and Little Twin Stars take the lead and is super kawaii! TakecBlog have an awesome video of the parade:

We're super happy to have been at Puroland for the two Anniversaries, we got lots of super cute pics for our scrap book! If you're ever in Tokyo make sure you go! ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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