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Puroland Part 1 - Halloween Fun!

A must-visit attraction for all Kawaiisters, Sanio Puroland is always on our list whenever we are in Japan!  It's really easy to get to from Shinjuku - just take the Odakyū Tama Line heading for Tama Center station, where you will be greeted by super cute signs like this:

Yes, Tama is proud about being the home of Hello Kitty in Tokyo and they've put decorations throughout the town to show their love of Kitty-chan! Near to Tama Center station there's a super cute display featuring Hello Kitty and lots of her friends - there's even a Tuxedo Sam! ^^

Puroland is really easy to find, but you can check out the kawaii map to make sure you are going the right way!

Keep on track and you'll come to Hello Kitty Street!

As you walk down Hello Kitty Street you'll see decorations featuring Hello Kitty and a local mascot:

At the end of Hello Kitty Street you'll see Puroland! <3

You have to buy your tickets from a window outside before heading to the entrance.  Don't forget that you can usually get a voucher from the Puroland website that you can print off to save a little money!  As we were visiting in an anniversary year for both My Melody and the Little Twin Stars, the tickets were special commemorative keepsakes:

As we went in Pinkuiropixie's birthday month we made sure to pick up a special birthday card from the Customer Information Desk! You wear this around your neck while in Puroland and staff will give you super kawaii stickers as a birthday present! They even gave Mr one too!

We made sure to get lots of stickers, not just Kitty, My Melody, Kiki and Lala but also Gudetama, Minna no Tabo, Badtz-Maru, Pom Pom Purin and more! <3

The main entrance hall was decorated for both Halloween and the anniversaries!

The Halloween display was super cute, featuring Kitty-chan and her friends all dressed up ready for some trick or treating!

Doesn't Kuromi look particularly mischievous?

Just off the entrance hall you can find the main Puroland shop, which sells lots of goods for all of the Sanrio characters.  The store is super-kawaii with lots of character displays to see! Here's Kitty and Daniel:

Mimmy also makes an appearance, isn't her dress super cute?!

Kitty and Mimmy's parents are also in the shop:

Finally we saw Kiki and Lala:

Of course, we didn't just do some sightseeing in the shop!

First up we spotted some Halloween special plushes. Here's Hello Kitty:

We also got My Melody in a Gothic Lolita style outfit:

The final Halloween plush we got in Puroland was Bonbon Ribbon:

Next Pinkuiropixie spotted some Halloween handbags featuring Kitty and My Melody.  It was too tough to choose between them, so we got both!

Kitty is dressed as a black cat and My Melody is wearing her Gothic Lolita dress, just like the plush!

We picked up a few other bits and pieces while we were in the store, including a Kuromi necklace and bracelet:

Mr chose a Badtz-Maru keyring, with the penguin looking rather chill!

We headed towards the Puro Village area, which is where you'll find lots of attractions and the main parade area. Of course, being Puroland there's lots of kawaii decorations everywhere!

There's even a clock pendulum with the Sugarbunnies!

The Puro Village area is centred around the Wisdom Tree stage:

Surrounding this area there are various attractions and theatres for shows.  One area includes Lady Kitty's House

Just like last time, there were a limited number of roses available which you could buy to give to Kitty at the end of the house tour.  This time Lady Kitty gave you a special Halloween themed hairclip in return! It's a mini witch's hat!

This time we also picked up this cute little Lady Kitty plush from the special gift shop too:

You could even send post from the shop using a special post box!

There's also the Mymeroroaddrive ride attraction featuring My Melody and Kuromi!

The cars are from Kuromi's Rent-a-car service! ^^

The ride is super kawaii and featured special Halloween decorations too!

As mementos of our visit we picked up this special Mymeroroaddrive plush:

And this cute magnet for our fridge! <3

We then checked out some of the rest of Puroland.  There's loads of little areas, with super cute stalls like this:

Even the vending machines are decorated with Sanrio characters!

There's also an arcade area with UFO Catchers and Purikura machines.  There's lots of Puroland limited items and even the Purikura feature frames and backgrounds you can only find in Puroland!

Near to the arcade area there's a shop selling Little Twin Stars merchandise.  When we were there there was a special Halloween decoration:

Of course, Pinkuiropixie couldn't resist adding to her Little Twin Stars collection! First she chose a plush purse.  This star-shaped zip-up features Kiki on one side:

And Lala on the other:

There was also a range of Kiki & Lala x pa nail stickers.  There were three different sets and as they were such great value we got all three:

The diary (or datebook) for 2016 was also available - so that we can keep kawaii at the same time as staying organised we picked one up:

Pinkuiropixie also chose some cute stickers from the stationery section:

We couldn't resist these four little pouches - they were just too kawaii!

Finally we chose a fold-up holdall that fits into this cute pouch:

It was getting late so we headed back to the Wisdom Tree area, we popped into one of the display areas first - a sweet shop:

We bumped into Shirousa and Kurousa, the Sugarbunnies, while we were there! They were wearing special Halloween outfits too - don't they look adorable?!

We carried on to the main area and it was all lit up:

We were just in time for the Halloween Parade!

Even the staff were wearing Halloween pumpkin capes!

There were lots of dancers, all with special Halloween costumes:

The dancers and staff started by teaching the crowd a special Halloween dance:

The Black Cat was so funny! He was awesome!!

The dancers were soon joined by Hello Kitty and friends, all in super cute Halloween outfits!

My Melody and Kuromi (of course!) were also there:

Even Ruby, Pom Pom Purin and Cinnamoroll were included in the parade!

Tiger Nijiiro on Youtube has shared a video of the parade, check it out!

We always have a wonderful time in Puroland, it's one of our favourite places to visit in Tokyo! Don't miss it if you get a chance!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Pinkuiropixie and Mr

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