Sunday, 22 November 2015

Pastel Monsters Inc!

When we were at Tokyo Disneyland we popped into the Monsters Inc themed shop next to the ride as we are huge Monsters Inc fans! As we walked in we were greeted by this super cutie!

One of the ranges available instantly caught our eye, a pastel range!! We just had to pick a few things to bring back home with us!

First this super kawaii bag caught my eye:

How kawaii is this!! It's covered in Monsters Inc characters all in pastel shades of their colours! There's a pocket on the front of the bag with Mike, Sulley and Boo above the pocket and all the super kawaii supporting characters on the front of the pocket! It's a cute small bag, waterproof and just big enough for my kawaii essentials! Here's the back of the bag:

I just love the art work of the characters, I think it's made them look extra Kawaii!! Also in the range were these super cute bag charms!

Here is Mike, Sulley, Boo and Mike's girlfriend Celia; the front of the charms is a soft fuzzy material and again are all in the cute pastel shades! These will look super cute on a pastel decora look! The range also had a few housey items we just couldn't go home without!

Here is a super cute tissue box cover we picked up:

One side is Sulley and the other Mike and the top has the all over pattern from the bag! It's made from a super soft fabric ^^ Luckily you could fold it down so we could fit it in our suitcases! The last item we picked up were these ultra cute dining table place settings:

Isn't it the cutest you've ever seen!! Again, it has the all over pattern of Sulley, Mike, Boo, Celia and also Roz! I just love the colours and it matches our dining room!!

The range contained a few other items like cushions, but they would have never fitted in our cases ><

I hope they do more ranges like this in the future! It's super cute and different to some of the ranges we have seen them do before! Teaches you to check EVERY shop in a place like Disneyland! You just never know what gems you're going to find!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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